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  • Land resources of the Northern and Luapala Provinces, Zambia: a reconnaissance assessment
  • Zambia.
  • Mobilization of cooperative members : a participatory training effort in Zambia
  • The aim of this article is to analyze some of the difficulties of promoting people's participation in rural development projects with reference to a Swedish-financed participatory training and mobilization programme in Zambia.
  • Prospects of improved farming systems in a shifting cultivation area in Zambia
  • The transition from traditional shifting cultivation to permanent maize cultivation in Northern Zambia wa studied with emphasis on land, labour and agro-economical aspects.
  • Relations between Yugoslavia and Zambia, 1970-1983
  • Political relations| coopération of socio-political organizations| economic relations (table of visible trade between Yugoslavia and Zambia since 1970 to 1983, table of structure of visible trade)| scientific, technical, cultural and educational
  • Refugee migration and local economic development in Eastern Zambia
  • Economic impact ; Farming system ; Humanitarian aid ; International migration ; Peripheral region ; Population growth ; Population pressure ; Refugees ; Regional economy ; Settlement ; Zambia
  • This article examines the local socio-economic impact of the arrival of Mozambican refugees in the Eastern Province of Zambia. It is suggested that an appropriate framework from which to analyze the impact of refugees is to focus separately
  • Relationships of non rainfall events and total rainfall to maize yields at selected climatological stations in Zambia
  • Agroclimatology ; Crop yield ; Impact ; Maize ; Precipitation ; Time series ; Years 1980-89 ; Years 1990-99 ; Zambia
  • Daily rainfall amounts were classified into dry or wet events to arrive at sequences of dry and wet spells at six rainfall stations in Zambia over a 19-year period from 1980 to 1998. In the resulting patterns, the total number of non-rain events per
  • Migration, rural resource management and development in Samfya-Zambia : general statements, significant variables and dimensions of variation
  • Migration ; Poverty ; Regional economy ; Rural development ; Rural economy ; Rural outmigration ; Society ; Standard of living ; Zambia
  • The study was conducted in one of Zambia's economically peripheral districts. Rural-urban migration is rested within the area's state of underdevelopment. For delaborized nonremittee households, rural urban migration entails greater poverty
  • The timing and environmental significance of late Quaternary linear dune development in western Zambia
  • Aeolian features ; Dating ; Dune ; Geochronology ; Kalahari ; Palaeo-environment ; Quaternary ; Thermoluminescence ; Zambia
  • This paper reports the findings of an investigation into the timing and paleoenvironmental significance of linear dune development in western Zambia, between latitudes 14°S and 17°S. Chronologies of dune construction in western Zimbabwe
  • The determinants of urban housing values : the evidence from Zambia
  • Wanderers on the face of Africa: refugees in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana
  • Housing options, Lusaka, Zambia
  • The human and environmental factors in traditional crop complex development in Zambia
  • Analysis of rainfall probabilities to determine maize species suitability : an agrometeorological study of Zambia
  • Refugee dynamics: Angolans in Zambia 1966 to 1972
  • Rainfall and recharge to a dolomite aquifer in a semi-arid climate at Kabwe, Zambia
  • Copper and Zambia. An econometric analysis.
  • Articulation, global capitalism and the spatial organization of colonial society: the case of Zambia
  • The experimental use of correspondence analysis to assess the relationship between soils and geomorphology in eastern Zambia
  • Cartography;Mapping ; Data analysis ; Geomorphology ; Methodology ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil science ; Taxonomy ; Zambia
  • Rehabilitationspotenziale in der Nkana-Kupfermine, Kitwe, Zambia
  • Concept ; Environmental degradation ; Extractive industry ; Mine ; Rehabilitation ; Soil ; Zambia