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  • Dr. Borsy Zoltan professzor 60 éves Le professeur Zoltan Boris a 60 ans
  • situation of the country, the challenges what Hungarian military geographers have to face. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • Author expresses his ideas about the necessity and possibilities of dynamic geography in high-school geography training. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • This a short overview about the possibilities of geographical research in term of the religious composition of population with special attention to Hungary. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • of the investigations carried out in the last three decades. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • Author highlights some of the theoretical issues of the complex military geography. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • Author present a comparative analysis of the soil formation of Balaton Riviera and the Tihany Peninsula. Their research is based on a soil-mapping survey carried out between 1994 and 1996. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • Zoltan Zelko's book on the mystery of the Nazca lineaments is criticized on cartographic and historic-archeological basis. (DLO).
  • This study reveals some of the most important characteristics of the ancient landscape as well as recent changes in the agriculture land on the Szatmár Plain (NE-Hungary and NW-Romania). - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • of remote sensing data and evaluation of existing literature. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • in the mind of visitors about Budapest. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • transition in Mongolia. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • . - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • of urban climate and the related pattern of the built-up areas were carried out. - (Zoltán Kovács).
  • in Hungary, which play a very important role in the modernisation of the country. - (Zoltán Kovács).