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  • World cotton technology since World War II
  • The progress of world urbanization
  • World patterns of agricultural output
  • Population trends of world jewry
  • Ports of the Arab worlds: an annotated bibliography
  • World steel: change and crisis
  • Food for a growing world population: some of the main findings of a study on the long-terme prospects of the world food situation
  • World food prospects for the 1990s
  • The A. predicts that hunger will increase in the world due to larger numbers of poor people. This is not to suggest, however, that overall food supplies in the world will be insufficient. - (DWG)
  • Projections of world population and world food supply
  • On the foreign operations of Third World firms. A study about the background and the consequences of Third World Multinationals .
  • In this study the recent emergence of multinational enterprises originating in Third World countries is examinated both form the viewpoint of their nature and of their role in the development processes. The Indian multinational enterprises receive
  • Manufactured exports from third world countries
  • Development strategies and the world food problem
  • Some issues and problems in world food production
  • Colonialism, urbanism and the capitalist world economy
  • City-size distributions and the world urban system in the twentieth century
  • Changing patterns in the world aluminum trade: recent development in the Southwest Pacific
  • Critical choices in World food aid and nutrition
  • Political geography around the world VI : Swedish contributions to political geography
  • The end of peasantry in the Mediterranean world. With special reference to the Italian case
  • Mental health in an urban world