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  • The economic history of world population.
  • Bowman's new World and the Council on foreign relations
  • BOWMAN (I.) ; Council on Foreign Relations ; Croissance économique ; Etats-Unis ; Foreign Affairs ; Histoire de la géographie ; Politique étrangère ; Siècle 20 ; The New World
  • Christopher Columbus and the New World he found
  • A la suite: Christopher Colombus, the sailor who gave us the New World, pp.594-625, cartes. Bref récit des quatre voyages, du triomphe, puis de la disgrâce du découvreur.
  • The geographical understanding of the Western world and the understanding of geography as a subject of the Meiji government expedition in Languages, paradigms and schools in geography.
  • This paper shed light on the reports of the Iwakura mission and clarifies the relationship between its geographical understanding of the Western world and its understanding of a geography as a subject. - (SGA)
  • Taylor built at Toronto an international reputation. He wrote on large, important topics : environment and nation, world peace and future world population. He explored new areas in geography.
  • Church of the East from ancient times through World War I
  • Reality, symbolism, time, and space in medieval world maps
  • Land improvement and reclamation. The experience of the First World War in England and Wales
  • Peripheral vibrations: the case of Saint-Domingue's coffee revolution in Political economy of the world-system annual. Volume 4.
  • Tephrochronology and its applications to problems in new-world archaeology in Tephra studies.
  • Global scene, natural resources and development problems in the periphery country Finland: some reflections on Ilmari Hustich's world view in (Mélanges en l'honneur d'Ilmari Hustich).
  • British artisan unions in the New World
  • The last great subsistence crisis in the Western World
  • The world map of 1669 by Jodocus Hondius the elder and Nicolaas Visscher.
  • The Sulphur Spring stage and its place in New World prehistory
  • A hundred years ago the Hungarian patriot and world-traveller died. His travels are summarized. (DLO).
  • Humboldt's acuity as a field observor is shown by his incisive remarks on pre-Columbian remnants on his New World travels.-(D. W. Gade).
  • The Date of Juan de la Cosa's world map and its implications for American discovery
  • Structural changes in the core regions of the world-economy, 1830-1945