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  • Window on the Netherlands Development cooperation : Dutch window on the Third World in Migration, regional inequality and development in the Third World.
  • World Tourist Center Oberhausen. Aufstieg und Fall der Planung eines Megazentrums World Tourist Center Oberhausen. Essor et chute de la planification d'un mégacentre
  • Le projet de construction d'un World Tourist Center à Oberhausen a soulevé des controverses. L'article traite la conception de ce centre ainsi que son modèle canadien et les conséquences sur l'espace.
  • Through a numerical example the parametric investigation method is shown. The theory and the principles of an energetical world model are outlined to evaluate the optimal resource pattern of satisfying world energy demands. - (JS)
  • Effects of the Common Agricultural Price Policy on the Third World
  • The Island of Krk, an example of the depopulation of islands in Croatia after World War II
  • Some economic aspects of labour migration in Europe since the Second World War
  • Britain's lost generation of the First World War
  • The Viking World.
  • World energy crisis and Czechoslovakia
  • Postaveni CSSR ve svetové ekonomice. (Position of the CSSR in the world economy)
  • The genesis and special characteristics of town planning instruments in Italy, 1880-1914 in Planning and the environment in the modern world.
  • The place of Neville Chamberlain in British town planning in Planning and the environment in the modern world.
  • The Western Mediterranean world
  • Private farming and the status of the Polish peasantry since World War II in The peasantry of Eastern Europe. Volume II. 20 th Century developments.
  • Regional planning and its institutional framework: an illustration from the Rhine-Main area, 1890-1945 in Planning and the environment in the modern world.
  • Planning as environmental improvement: slum clearance in Victorian Edinburgh in Planning and the environment in the modern world.
  • Housing reform and the emergence of town planning in Britain before 1914 in Planning and the environment in the modern world.
  • Effect of Soviet shipping on world maritime trade
  • During 1961-81, the merchant fleet of the Soviet Union increased by 345 percent, and the Russians captured increasingly greater shares of cargo on some of the most lucrative shipping lanes of the world. This has put financial stress on established
  • Urban reconstruction in Europe after World War II in The history of urban policy.