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  • World cotton technology since World War II
  • The progress of world urbanization
  • A method for sketching world maps
  • Cartography ; Graphics ; Teaching of geography ; World
  • World patterns of agricultural output
  • Population trends of world jewry
  • The tropical world
  • The economic history of world population.
  • Spotlight on the Caribbean, a microcosm of the Third World
  • Ports of the Arab worlds: an annotated bibliography
  • World steel: change and crisis
  • World food prospects for the 1990s
  • The A. predicts that hunger will increase in the world due to larger numbers of poor people. This is not to suggest, however, that overall food supplies in the world will be insufficient. - (DWG)
  • Window on the Netherlands Development cooperation : Dutch window on the Third World in Migration, regional inequality and development in the Third World.
  • Food for a growing world population: some of the main findings of a study on the long-terme prospects of the world food situation
  • Projections of world population and world food supply
  • Worlds within the Third World
  • Power, practice and consciousness : one's place in the world, the world in one's place
  • Political geography, the new world order, and the city
  • Foreign policy ; Geopolitics ; International relations ; Political geography ; Sphere of influence ; World ; World economic order
  • The paper provides a basis for addressing these questions through a review of the recent literature focusing on the international geopolitics of the post-Cold War world. Particular attention is paid to research that provides informed speculation
  • about the nature of the new world order from an explicitly geographic perspective along with research that focuses on local and urban impacts of changes in the new world order.
  • The regional geography of the world-system. External arena, periphery, semiperiphery, core
  • Business cycle ; Core-periphery ; Economic system ; International economy ; Nation ; Regionalization ; Spatial structure ; Spatial system ; World economic order
  • This study takes Wallerstein's ideas about the world-system as a starting point, focussing upon the spatial structure of the world-system and ignoring the functioning ot this system. The A. examine the assumption of the existence of a single world
  • -system and then attempt to identify the abstract spatial categories as core and periphery in the present-day world. - (AGD)
  • On the foreign operations of Third World firms. A study about the background and the consequences of Third World Multinationals .
  • In this study the recent emergence of multinational enterprises originating in Third World countries is examinated both form the viewpoint of their nature and of their role in the development processes. The Indian multinational enterprises receive
  • Specification of the world city network
  • In this paper, the world city network is identified as an unusual form of network with three levels of structure : cities as the nodes, the world economy as the supranodal network level, and advanced producer service firms operating through cities
  • who are the prime actors in world city network formation. This process is formally specified in terms of four international relational matrices. Through this specification it becomes possible to apply standard techniques of network analysis to world