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  • Workplace location, modal split and energy use for commuting trips
  • Commuting ; Distance travelled ; Energy consumption ; Journey to work ; Multivariate analysis ; Norway ; Oslo ; Workplace
  • A study of six companies in Greater Oslo indicates that both the modal split and the energy use for journeys to work are to a high extent influenced by the geographical location of the workplace. Employees of workplaces in peripheral, low-density
  • parts of the urban area are far more frequent car drivers and use more energy than employees of workplaces located in central areas. An immediate increase in commuting distance of a workplace moving to the urban fringe has not been reversed by subsequent
  • Labour in lean times : geography, scale and the national trajectories of workplace change
  • determine the trajectory of workplace change. Based on case studies of unions in the Canadian and German auto industries, the AA. stress that the linkage between national and workplace scales remains critical to understanding how unions are responding
  • An ecology of workplace hazards
  • Disabilities in academic workplaces : experiences of human and physical geographers
  • This article analyses disabilities in British academic workplaces and how they intersect with academic careers, lifestyles and workplaces. First, it discusses the experiences of those geographers who are active and politicised in relation
  • to their disabilities, and have worked to effect inclusionary change in their institutional and disciplinary spaces. Second, it highlights the experiences of geographers with mental health conditions that are undisclosed in workplace contexts. It concludes
  • It's showtime: on the workplace geographies of display in a restaurant in southeast England
  • Consumption ; Employment ; Labour ; Restaurant trade ; Service ; Social geography ; Societal relations ; South-East England ; United Kingdom ; Work organization ; Workplace
  • Geography in the workplace : a personal assessment with a look to the future
  • Space, time and renegociating motherhood : an exploration of the domestic workplace
  • Budapest ; Employment ; Employment structure ; Hungary ; Town ; Working population ; Workplace
  • of workplaces and the subsequent labour market policies are also examined. - (JS)
  • The impact of workplace on residential relocation
  • Exogenous workplace choice in residential location models : is the assumption valid?
  • Consumer behaviour ; Dallas ; Form of transport ; Model ; Residential choice ; Residential location ; Texas ; United States ; Urban area ; Utility function ; Workplace
  • Residence and workplace relocation: a bivariate duration model approach
  • Choice ; Commuting ; Employment ; Model ; Netherlands (The) ; Residential location ; Residential mobility ; Workplace
  • Workplace and locational choice of residence : a hierarchical approach
  • How employment affects women's gender attitudes. The workplace as a locus of contextual effects in Contextual models in politics.
  • Workplace location, residential location, and urban commuting
  • Location ; Minnesota ; Residential location ; Temporality ; Time ; United States of America ; Workplace
  • The Rationl Locator Hypothesis posits that individuals can, if they choose, maintain approximatively steady journey-to-work travel times by adjusting their home and workplace. This hypothesis was coupled with the observation of long-term stability
  • Gender ; Identity ; Labour ; Medical services ; Sociology ; United Kingdom ; Woman ; Work organization ; Workplace
  • of workplace politics.
  • Governing the workplace : the workplace and regional development implications of automotive foreign direct investment in Hungary
  • and workplaces in the agglomeration since 1960. (AGD).
  • State and market in eastern Europe: regional development and workplace implications of foreign direct investment in the automobile industry in Hungary
  • Community cohesion and working-class politics : workplace-residence separation and Labour support, 1966-1983