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  • Late Wisconsinan vegetation and environment of the Tunica Hills region, Louisiana/Mississippi
  • Biogeography ; C 14 dating ; Louisiana ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeoclimatology ; Palynology ; Pollen diagram ; Quaternary ; United States ; Wisconsinan
  • Pollen, plant macrofossil, and radiocarbon-dating studies of seven exposures of fluvial sediments in the Tunica Hills region of southeastern Louisiana and southwestern Mississippi provide new information on late Wisconsinan vegetation, flora
  • , and environment of the region. Late Wisconsinan climate of the region was cooler than present, but not necessarily as cool as implied by P. glauca or other boreal taxa.
  • Regional significance of pre-Wisconsinan till from Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
  • A major pre-Wisconsinan glacial event is the only possible source of the lower till on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. The till occurs near the late Wisconsinan drift border and below fossiliferous marine beds of oxygen-isotope stage 5 (Sangamonian
  • -Wisconsinan (lower) till in New England may correlate with older tills elsewhere in the northeastern United States and in southeastern Canada that are considered to be early Wisconsinan or older in age.
  • Pre-Wisconsinan mammals from Jamaica and models of late Quaternary extinction in the Greater Antilles
  • The purpose of this paper is : 1) to present radiometric dates for the first pre-Wisconsinan land mammal locality recognized in the West Indies, and 2) to assess the significance of this new information for existing models of Quaternary extinctions
  • Radiocarbon ages of soils and charcoal in Late Wisconsinan Loess, South-Central Nebraska
  • C14 dating ; Dating ; Loess ; Nebraska ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; United States ; Wisconsinan
  • Uplift-based limits to the thickness of ice in the Lake Agassiz basin of North Dakota during the Late Wisconsinan
  • Glacier mass balance ; Ice ; Ice sheet ; Model ; North Dakota ; Palaeo-environment ; United States of America ; Vertical movement ; Wisconsinan
  • Upper and lower limits to ice thickness in the southern Lake Agassiz basin (northeast North Dakota) during the Late Wisconsinan have been calculated. The oldest well-preserved tilted strandline of glacial Lake Agassiz, the Herman, was used
  • Transport direction of Wisconsinan loess in southeastern Minnesota
  • A study of Wisconsinan loess in part of southeastern Minnesota confirms earlier suggestions that much of the loess in this region was not derived from the floodplain of the Missisippi River. Two Wisconsinan loess units, the Peoria Loess and Roxana
  • Mid-Wisconsinan vertebrates and their environment from January Cave, Alberta, Canada
  • The Wisconsinan glacier complex in Glaciations quaternaires dans l'Hémisphère Nord.
  • Middle Wisconsinan mammals, stratigraphy, and sedimentology at the Ketza River site, Yukon Territory
  • Canada ; Cold areas ; Fluvioglacial features;Glaciofluvial features ; Mammals ; Paleogeography ; Quaternary ; Sedimentology ; Stratigraphy ; Wisconsinan ; Yukon
  • Late Wisconsinan deglaciation and glacial lake development in the Appalachians uplands and piedmont of southeastern Quebec
  • Appalachian Mountains ; Canada ; Deglaciation ; Geochronology ; Glacial flow ; Glacial lake ; Moraine ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary ; Quebec ; Varves ; Wisconsinan
  • Characteristics and significance of pre-Wisconsinan saprolites in the northern Appalachians : discussion
  • Discussion on the article of Bouchard and Pavich (1989) « on the characteristics and significance of pre-Wisconsinan saprolites in the northern Appalachians », published in a special volume of « Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie » dedicated
  • Late Wisconsinan and Holocene history of southwestern Saskatchewan
  • Boundary ; Canada ; Climatic variation ; Deglaciation ; Forest ; Holocene ; Inland ice ; Meadow ; Pollen diagram ; Proglacial lake ; Quaternary ; Saskatchewan ; Vegetation ; Wisconsinan
  • The Late Wisconsinan deglacial history of the east-central Taseko lakes area, British Columbia
  • British Columbia ; Canada ; Deglaciation ; Drainage network ; Fluvial terrace ; Meltwater ; Model ; Palaeogeomorphology ; Palaeovalley ; Quaternary ; Wisconsinan
  • Wisconsinan inter-lobal stratigraphy in three quarries near Woodstock, Ontario
  • Canada ; Glacial features ; Glaciolacustrine ; Moraine ; Ontario ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; Wisconsinan
  • Stratigraphy and structure of a Late Wisconsinan salt collapse in the Saskatoon Low, south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada : an update
  • Canada ; Collapse structures ; Glacial erosion ; Glaciation ; Quaternary ; Salt ; Saskatchewan ; Stratigraphy ; Wisconsinan
  • Timing and position of Late Wisconsinan ice-margins on the upper slope seaward of Laurentian Channel
  • Atlantic Ocean ; C 14 dating ; Canada ; Continental shelf ; Continental slope ; Glacier margin ; Gulf ; Marine quaternary ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Saint-Laurent ; Seismic reflection ; Stratigraphy ; Wisconsinan
  • Comments on chronology of late Wisconsinan glaciation in middle North America (by L. Clayton and S. R. Moran, Quaternary Science Reviews, 1, 55-82)
  • Discusses the late Wisconsinan maximum advance in southern Alberta and northern Montana. Radiocarbon dates are listed. (CM).
  • Preliminary investigation of a late Wisconsinan fauna from K1 cave, Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii), Canada
  • British Columbia ; Canada ; Cave ; Fossil fauna ; Mammal ; Palaeobiogeography ; Quaternary ; Wisconsinan
  • Landscapes of cold-centred Late Wisconsinan ice caps, Arctic Canada
  • Arctic Ocean;Arctic Region ; Canada ; Cold area ; Geomorphology ; Glacial features ; Glaciology ; Ice sheet;Ice cap;Inlandsis ; Meltwater ; Model ; Quaternary ; Wisconsinan
  • Uplands of the Canadian Arctic Islands supported Late Wisconsinan ice caps that developed two landscape zones reflecting basal thermal conditions regulated by long-sustained ice flow patterns. Central cold-based zones protected older glacial
  • Late Wisconsinan glaciation of the central sector of the Canadian High Arctic
  • Arctic Region ; C 14 dating ; Canada ; Deglaciation ; Eustatism ; Geochronology ; Glaciation ; Holocene ; Ice sheet ; Northwest Territories ; Palaeo-environment ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Wisconsinan
  • for a recently proposed ice divide spanning the central part of the Canadian High Arctic and indicates that most of the region was glaciated during the Late Wisconsinan.