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  • Caring for the collective : biopower and agential subjectification in wildlife conservation
  • Biopolitics ; Biopower ; Ecology ; Fauna ; India ; Legislation ; Odisha ; Political ecology ; Subjectivity processes ; Wildlife
  • Human-wildlife conflict and gender in protected area borderlands : a case study of costs, perceptions, and vulnerabilities from Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal), India
  • Agriculture ; Conflict ; Gender difference ; India ; Nature conservation ; Nature park ; Perception ; Village ; Vulnerability ; Wildlife
  • Alien still life : distilling the toxic logics of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge
  • Colorado ; Environment ; Factory closure ; Management ; Nature reserve ; Restructuring process ; United States of America ; Wildlife
  • Crocodile crimes : people versus wildlife and the politics of postcolonial conservation on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
  • Conflict ; Environment ; Fauna ; Fishery ; Nature conservation ; Post-colonialism ; Wildlife ; Zimbabwe
  • Out of administrative control : absentee owners, resident elk and the shifting nature of wildlife management in southwestern Montana
  • Fauna ; Hunting ; Land ; Land tenure ; Livestock farming ; Management ; Montana ; Nature park ; Private property ; United States of America ; Wildlife
  • Wildlife in Garhwal Himalaya : breeding and behavioural biology in Western Himalaya : environment, problems and development. Volume 1. Environment.
  • Gazing upon Nanuk, the polar bear : the social and visual dimensions of the wildlife gaze in Churchill, manitoba
  • Traditions, beliefs and practices : links with nature conservation in Kachin State, based on Nature and wildlife conservation seminars in Kachin State between 2003 and 2005
  • Totally wild ? Colonising discourses, indigenous knowledges and managing wildlife
  • An analysis of participation in nonconsumptive wildlife recreation
  • Wildlife conservations: an historical perspective
  • Heart of the jungle. The wildlife of Chitwan, Nepal.
  • Man-wildlife relationships in a tropical lagoon area: the case of Tortuguero (Costa Rica)
  • Indigenous management systems and the conservation of wildlife in the Canadian North
  • Two sides of development : Maasai pastoralism and wildlife conservation in Ngorongoro, Tanzania
  • Wildlife conservation and rural development planning in the Simen Mountains of Ethiopia in Proceedings of a Symposium on High Mountain Cartography.
  • Sustenance or recreation? The future of native wildlife harvesting in northern Canada in Renewable resources and the economy of the North.. (Proceedings)
  • [b1] Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Palmerston, Australie
  • In the 1970s, a new category of preserved natural area was created, the biosphere reserve. It differs significantly from either the national park concept or the wildlife refuge concept. Here is a brief introduction to this new type of preserve
  • ownership and its wildlife attracted hunters, fisherman and other visitors. Gradually, wildlife habitats were displaced by commercial recreational facilities and solitude was lost.