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  • Carte isochrone ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie physique ; Holocène ; Middle West ; North Central States ; Palynologie ; Paléoclimatologie ; Paléoprécipitation ; Paléotempérature ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Régression multiple ; Variation climatique
  • than 80 % of its modern values over parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. After 6000 yr BP precipitation generally increased, while mean July temperature decreased in the north, and increased in the south. The time of the maximum temperature varies within
  • the Midwest and is earlier in the north and later in the south.
  • Etats-Unis ; Géographie physique ; Kylen Lake ; Minnesota ; Palynologie ; Paléoclimatologie ; Pléistocène supérieur ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; West North Central States ; Wisconsinien supérieur
  • Cline ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie physique ; Holocène ; Mammifère ; Missouri ; Paléo-environnement ; Paléobiogéographie ; Paléoclimatologie ; Paléontologie ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Variation clinale ; West North Central States
  • East Midlands ; England ; Glaciation ; Géographie physique ; Pléistocène ; Quaternaire zones moyennes ; Royaume-Uni ; Terrasse ; West Midlands ; Wolstonien
  • . The westward limit of the Oadby Till facies and its transition into contemporaneous western till is described. Final reference is made to the triple glaciation of west and north Birmingham.
  • An account of the original concept of the Wolstonian is followed by a statement of opposing views about its age. Then follows a consideration of its fauna, its relation to the terraces of the river Thames and the source of materials of its tills
  • A singularity in clear-day frequencies in the North-Central region (of the United States)
  • (1944-1970) ; Automne ; Ciel dégagé ; Climat ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie physique ; Indian Summer ; North-central région ; Phénomène exceptionnel ; Type de temps ; Variabilité interannuelle
  • Classification of the hydrologic settings of lakes in the North central United States
  • in uncomfortable conditions during an average summer day, higher health risks are associated with the slightly cooler but more humid north-central and northeastern portions of the state.
  • Biostratigraphic correlation of Pleistocene marine deposits and sea levels, Atlantic coastal plain of the Southeastern United States
  • Ancien rivage ; Atlantique ; Atlantique, Nord ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie physique ; Littoral ; Niveau marin ; Pléistocène ; Quaternaire marin ; South Atlantic States
  • for the southeastern coastal plain: late Pleistocene, 2-10 m from Maryland to northern Florida| middle Pleistocene, 6-15 m in northern South Carolina: early Pleistocene, 4-22 m in central North Carolina, 13-15 m in southern North Carolina, and 6-27 m in South Carolina
  • Oberflächentemperatur einer arktischen Polynia: North Water im Winter.. (Surface temperature of an Arctic polynya: North Water during wintertime)
  • Arctique ; Banquise ; Canada ; Glace ; Glace de mer ; Gphy ; Géographie physique ; Hiver ; Mer polaire ; North Water ; Océan ; Polynie ; Température de surface ; Télédétection
  • The North Water (74-77 N, 70-78 W) between the Canadian High Arctic and Northern Greenland has no homogeneous ice cover during the winter and spring months (occurrence of polynyas). The purpose of the study is to investigate the state of the sea
  • Subtidal meiofauna of the North Sea: a review
  • The present state of knowledge on North Sea subtidal meiofauna is discussed. From an ecological point of view, mainly the hardbodied meiofauna taxa Nematoda and Copepoda have been studied to any extent. A short review of relevant taxonomic studies
  • of these groups is also presented, together with a list of the known North Sea nematode and harpacticoid species. (Les AA.).
  • state as the Guyana Shield and the West African Craton... it supports the opinion that primitive plate tectonic mechanisms were active in the Archaean. (Extraits de l'A.).
  • An extensive zone of mylonites, up to 10km thick, on the coastal margin of the West African Craton is a suture developed during the late Archaean at the site of collision of two granitic continental masses, now preserved in a partially reworked
  • Local relationships between United States West Coast precipitation and monthly meancirculation parameters
  • ; Pression atmosphérique ; Précipitation ; Régime pluviométrique ; Variabilité interannuelle ; Variation saisonnière ; Variation spatiale ; Vent ; Vent géostrophique ; Washington ; West Coast ; Zone tempérée
  • Climatic response in tree rings of loblolly pine from north Georgia
  • The relationship between climate and tree-growth for loblolly pine in north Georgia is investigated by : 1) determining during which months climate has its strongest impact on loblolly pine growth, and 2) specifically examining the relationship
  • between loblolly pine growth and growing season precipitation. The results indicate that loblolly pine is a useful species for investigating the impact of climate and other factors on the recent decline of pine growth in the southeastern United States.
  • Drought during the 1930 s and 1950 s in the Central United States
  • A Markov and runs analysis of drought in the central United States
  • -state region of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.
  • Comparison of soils in midwestern United States and western Europe with the interglacial record
  • Etats-Unis ; Europe ; Europe de l'Ouest ; Géographie physique ; Interglaciaire ; Middle West ; Paléopédogenèse ; Paléosol ; Pléistocène ; Pléistocène moyen ; Pléistocène supérieur ; Quaternaire zones moyennes
  • Western Europe and midwestern United States are best explained by relatively long interglaciations or the development of composite soils over a number of temperate periods. Climatic contrasts between the interglaciations appear to have been overemphasized
  • Climatology of statewide extreme temperatures during winter months in the coterminous United States
  • Extreme maxima exhibit a zonal pattern, modified somewhat by terrain features in the west. Extreme minima are more dramatically skewed from a zonal orientation, because of the effects of elevation and proximity to oceans. Interannual variability
  • Diurnal variations of summertime very heavy precipitation in the eastern and central United States
  • Anomalous wet and dry spells in the central United States, 1931-75
  • Comparison of amino acid racemization geochronometry with lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, uranium-series coral dating, and magnetostratigraphy in the Atlantic Coastal Plain of the southeastern United States
  • Aminostratigraphie ; Atlantic Coastal Plain ; Biostratigraphie ; Datation ; Datation Th-U ; Datation amino-acides ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie physique ; Lithostratigraphie ; Littoral ; Magnétostratigraphie ; North Carolina ; Paléomagnétisme
  • of Pleistocene deposits of the Atlantic Coastal Plain in North and South Carolina. Four depositional events are inferred for South Carolina and two for North Carolina by all methods. The data suggest that there are four Pleistocene units containing corals