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  • Consommation ; East North Central States ; Economies d'énergie ; Energie ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Logement ; Maison individuelle ; Usage domestique ; West North Central States
  • Agriculture ; Culture intensive ; Distance du marché ; Etats-Unis ; Great Plains ; Géographie humaine ; Innovation technique agricole ; Modèle ; Régression multiple ; Théorie ; Von Thünen ; West North Central States
  • technology. In contrast, many West European countries still remain in the phase of decentralization and the main stream of migration continues to occur from central cities to their suburban areas. The tendency is occurring in Japan as well. Various factors fo
  • Counterurbanization in the United States is characterized not only by such metropolitan-to-nonmetropolitan migration, but also by regional differentiation of population change due to the revolutionary development of transportation and communication
  • the generation of counterubanization in the United States have been considered. Though the technical development of transportation and communication has undoubtedly played a significant role as a foundamental factor of population change, the change of life style
  • Contrôle ; East South Central States ; Economie spatiale ; Entreprise ; Etats-Unis ; Firme ; Géographie humaine ; Localisation ; Pouvoir économique, mesure ; Siège ; South Atlantic States ; Sunbelt ; Taille des villes ; West South Central States
  • Communauté rurale ; East North Central States ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie culturelle ; Géographie historique ; Géographie humaine ; Identité canadienne-française ; Langue ; Michigan ; Minnesota ; Religion ; Siècle XIX ; Wisconsin
  • The political economy of EEC relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific states. Contributions to the understanding of the Lomé Convention on North-South relations.
  • Gimme shelter: self-help housing struggles within and against the state in New York City and West Berlin
  • Allemagne de l'Ouest ; Auto-organisation ; Autogestion ; Berlin, West ; Capitalisme ; Conflit ; Entraide ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Logement ; Logement Social ; Logement vide ; Mouvement social ; New York City ; Politique du logement
  • Annexation, migration and central city population growth in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • After documenting that a strong, but complex, relationship does exist between the two sources of central city population growth, the paper concludes with a discussion of the social, political and economic factors that induce cities to annex when
  • Integrated regional planning as an agent of the state vis-à-vis the local community and the patria chica (homeland): a summary of Central American experiences
  • Amérique centrale ; Animation rurale ; Communauté rurale ; Développement intégré ; Développement régional ; Géographie humaine ; Microrégion ; Participation ; Région
  • This book seeks to provide a complete picture of the contemporary immigrant situation in cities of the main Continental European destination countries, France, West Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. It offers an overview
  • of the problems facing each state in coping with the integration of 15 million permanently-settled foreigners. - (HK)
  • The A. traces the evolution of his geopolitical thinking since World War II and more recently in the light of the decline of Marxist ideology and shifts in East-West alignments. He opines that increasing inter-dependence decreases the need for large
  • territorial units. Emerging on the World scene are 27 small gateway states which the A. describes as unique modes in a geography of affinity . - (DWG)
  • The state of the mature industrial regions in Western Europe and North America
  • Economic base, labor force migration and regional employment growth in the United States in 28th North American meetings of the regional science association.
  • Partisanship in American presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial elections in ten western states
  • Analyse multivariée ; Comportement électoral ; Comté ; Disparités régionales ; Electorat ; Etats-Unis ; Fidélité partisane ; Géographie humaine ; Géographie politique ; Interior West States ; Parti politique ; Série chronologique
  • Dimensions of local state autonomy in Special issue on state, the law and the spatial sciences.
  • Capitalisme ; Collectivité locale ; Contrôle de l'Etat ; Etat ; Etat fédéral ; Etats-Unis ; Finance ; Géographie humaine ; Géographie politique ; Massachusetts ; Pouvoir central ; Pouvoir local ; Théorie ; Transfert fiscal
  • . mettent en évidence la subordination du gouvernement local à l'autorité du pouvoir central. Les accords légaux et institutionnels, les transferts fiscaux, les formes de transferts sont des mécanismes de contrôle importants de la part de l'Etat.
  • The local state and restructuring social relations: theory and practice
  • Capitalisme ; Classe sociale ; Concept ; Décentralisation ; Etat ; Géographie humaine ; Législation ; Pouvoir central ; Pouvoir local ; Royaume-Uni ; Société ; Théorie ; Théorie de l'Etat
  • Analyse de la réorganisation actuelle des relations entre pouvoir central et pouvoir local en la restituant dans le contexte social et historique de la Grande-Bretagne. Souligne les insuffisances des théories récentes sur la notion de pouvoir local
  • illustrations (J. M. Alier) Sharecropping as an efficient system (J. M. Caballero). C. Individual country studies: Plantation economy in the United States South Turkey Tuscany (Italy) Sao Paulo coffee plantations South African Highveld-Bengal West Malaysia.
  • Centrale électrique ; Energie ; Energie nucléaire ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Localisation industrielle ; Monde ; Politique énergétique
  • Useful discussion of policies on radioactive waste management at different national and (for USA) state levels. - (DWG)
  • Campagne ; Espace rural ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Middle Atlantic States ; New England ; North East ; Parc naturel ; Pauvreté ; Planification régionale ; Politique foncière ; Règlement d'urbanisme ; Utilisation du sol ; Zonage