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  • Rainfall patterns in West Bengal
  • Agroclimatologie ; Culture kharif ; Culture rabi ; Distribution spatiale ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Inde ; Précipitation ; West Bengal
  • On the basis of normal monthly rainfall, seasonal rainfall was evaluated and the State delineated into different zones. The principal meteorological factors have also been identified. - (PLK)
  • Population estimates for the Malay Peninsula in the nineteenth century, with special reference to the East Coast States
  • Estimation ; Ethnie ; Evolution démographique ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Malacca, presqu'île ; Malaisie ; Population ; Siècle XIX ; Structure démographique ; West Malaysia
  • Indian federation and centre-state relations
  • Administration ; Fédéralisme ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Géographie politique ; Inde ; Pouvoir central
  • Examines the extent to which the Indian Federation can be expected to sustain the need for political recognition of regionally grouped diversities of the constituent States. - (PLK)
  • How viable will the agricultural economy be in the new state of Palestine? in Some geographical aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Agriculture ; Aptitude culturale ; Arabes ; Exploitation agricole ; Gaza Strip ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Israël ; Mécanisation agricole ; Palestiniens ; Productivité agricole ; Structure agraire ; Système de culture ; Territoires occupés ; West Bank
  • Valuable exposition of the internal political and economic geography of the highly centralized Indonesian state. Regional patterns of foreign and domestic investment and expenditures by provinces. - (DWG)
  • Attention is focused on the changing functions of the state in the capital cities of Southeast Asia since 1960s. Changes in the nature of central state-local state relations are considered before detailing the ways in which the different states have
  • The state and territorial social justice in postrevolutionary Iran
  • : diminution des disparités, décentralisation résultant de l'affaiblissement du pouvoir central, renouveau des initiatives locales. Problèmes d'exécution car incapacité de l'Etat à formuler une politique cohérente, ampleur des contraintes, tant internes
  • The emergence of nation-states in the Arabian Peninsula in The Arab Gulf states.
  • Regional disparities in educational development in India : an inter-state analysis
  • International migration project. Country case study : the State of Qatar.
  • International migration project. Country case study : the State of Bahrein.
  • Die kleinen Golfstaaten: Reichtum und Unterentwicklung, ein Widerspruch?. (The small Gulf States: wealth and underdevelopment, a contradiction?)
  • This is the first comprehensive regional geography, in German, comparing the small oil producing countries on the Arabian Gulf. While the comparative chapters discuss the external relations of the small gulf states and the general question
  • of their belonging to the group of developing countries, the case studies present the specific problems of the individual countries under the following headings: Bahrain island state with oil shortage| Kuwait city state with welfare for all?| Oman state of large
  • extension with economic diversity| Qatar desert state with industrial future? The United Arab Emirates coastal state with dynastic variety. (EG).
  • The Gulf states and Oman: the impact of oil.
  • Singapore-an Asian city-state in South East Asia.
  • Geopolitics and politics in the Arab Gulf states (GCC) in The Arab Gulf states.
  • Afghanistan : the end of a buffer state
  • Formation of the Afghan state, ethnic composition, refugee migrations. - (D. W. Gade).
  • Some aspects of climate and economic activities in the Arab Gulf states in The Arab Gulf states.
  • Popular movements, incidental factors, and the state's measures for regional development in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Oman in the twentieth century: political foundations of an emerging state.