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  • Well-being, context, and everyday activities in space and time
  • Accessibility ; Hong Kong ; Location ; Neighbourhood ; Participation ; Social capital ; Social geography ; Urban area ; Well-being
  • This article analyzes how well-being is associated with geographical context, social contacts, and life circumstances in Hong Kong. First, it finds that life satisfaction is associated more strongly with geographical context than is momentary well
  • -being. Second, it confirms positive relations between social contacts and experienced well-being but extend earlier research by showing that these relations stretch across multiple timescales and depend to some extent on the duration of an activity
  • Landscape as a driver for well-being : The ELC in the globalist arena
  • Conflict ; Impact ; Landscape ; Landscape dynamics ; New Zealand ; Palestinian Territories ; Well-being
  • in both cases the changes described have striking visible impact on the landscape and significant flow-on effects, some of them intangible and unquantifiable, on the well-being of the people who inhabit these landscapes. These cases present the two ends
  • Economic well-being of farms. Third annual report to Congress on the status of family farms
  • Area-based positive discrimination and the distribution of well-being
  • Social well-being and North Sea oil: an application of Subjective social indicators
  • Concepts and measurement of the incomes, wealth and economic well-being of farmers
  • Demographic change, rising earnings inequality, and the distribution of personal well-being, 1959-1989
  • Demographic change ; Family income ; Fitting ; Living standard ; Measurement ; Statistics ; United States of America ; Wage inequality ; Well-being
  • Well-being
  • Regional disparities ; Social indicators ; Social inequity;Social disparity ; Standard of living ; Sweden ; Welfare;Well-being
  • The A. analyzes the detailed statistics on Swedish life to conclude that Sweden has gone far toward obliterating regional differences in the important indices of well-being.―(DWG)
  • Well-being measurement and public policy : the unfulfilled promise
  • Moving or staying for the best part of life : theory and evidence for the role of subsistence in migration and well-being of Arctic Inupiat residents
  • Alaska ; Arctic Region ; Cultural identity ; Economic geography ; Enquiry ; Household ; Living conditions ; Migration ; Theory ; Well-being
  • Mixing housing tenures : is it good for social well-being ?
  • Great Britain ; Housing ; Housing occupance ; Housing policy ; Neighbourhood ; Social housing ; United Kingdom ; Well-being
  • Regional well-being in tropical Queensland, Australia : developing a dissatisfaction index to inform government policy
  • Australia ; Enquiry ; Index ; Local amenities ; Natural environment ; Quality of life ; Queensland ; Satisfaction ; Well-being
  • Migration, well-being and development in coastal New South Wales 1976-91
  • Age group ; Australia ; Coastal environment ; Counterurbanization ; Economic indicators ; Employment ; Internal migration ; Migratory balance ; New South Wales ; Socio-economic system ; Well-being
  • Small manufacturing and nonmetropolitan socioeconomic well-being
  • Economic base ; Economic restructuring ; Living standard ; Local economy ; Regional economy ; Small firm ; Socio-economic system ; Sociology ; United States of America ; Well-being
  • Gender differencies in economic well-being among the elderly of Java
  • Elderly people ; Enquiry ; Family ; Family income ; Gender difference ; Indonesia ; Jawa ; Population ageing ; Standard of living ; Welfare;Well-being
  • Hungary ; Quality of life ; Social geography ; Village ; Welfare ; Well-being
  • The paper describes research based on statistical and empirical data from North Cserehát, Hungary. The research aims to show the quality of life (both welfare and well-being) of 17 villages in this area. Several variables were used to present
  • Geography of well-being in the Soviet Union : an automated data base approach
  • Stress in cities in The environment of human settlements. Human Well-being in cities.
  • Retail geography and social well being: a note on the changing distribution of pharmacies in Scotland