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  • Cultural studies ; Pakistan ; Society ; Traffic ; Traveller's tale ; Way of life
  • Ecosystem ; Environment ; History ; Mongolia ; Natural environment ; Traveller's tale ; Way of life
  • French Polynesia ; Island ; Living conditions ; Pacific Region ; Perception ; Practice of geography ; Traveller's tale ; Way of life
  • Kainji resettlement has been more successful than that of Volta because, with greater financial resources, better facilities were available with minimum interference with the traditional way of life. (EMS).
  • Living lives in different ways ? Deprivation, marginalization and chenging lifestyles in rural England
  • Adaptation ; Countryside ; England ; Enquiry ; Living standard ; Perception ; Rural deprivation ; Rural life ; Social change ; United Kingdom ; Way of life
  • Behaviour ; Consumption ; Daily life ; Environment ; Quality of life ; Social practice ; Sustainable development ; United Kingdom ; Way of life
  • Carbon offset ; Daily life ; Education ; Human geography ; Living conditions ; Living standard ; Moral geography ; Space ; Way of life
  • The four articles deal with geography and morality, good spaces and bad spaces, the relation of morality and space in geography ; the theoretical advisements and the empirical results to morality in weekday life at the eastern external frontier
  • Quality of life ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban life ; Urban society ; Way of life
  • Forms of life and geographical method
  • Concept ; Cultural geography ; Human geography ; Methodology ; Social sciences ; Way of life
  • Appalachian Mountains ; Coal ; Cultural geography ; Economic restructuring ; Industrialization ; Mine ; Regional economy ; Social change ; United States ; Way of life ; West Virginia
  • The focus is on the role of the coal industry in transforming life and labour in this region. The history of the coal industry is characterised by a series of struggles for control. This industry and the state itself was transformed
  • into a peripheral economic and political appendage of the nation's industrial and financial centres. Industry altered life and labour, but farming persisted in a rural countryside.
  • Argentina ; Mendoza ; Quality of life ; Urban life ; Way of life
  • Improved prediction of life expectancy for a himalayan lake : Nainital, UP, India
  • Authors critique bathymetric data for Lake Nainital, a natural lake in the Kumaun Himalaya, and explain new ways to measure the sediment accumulation. They date lake sediment cores using 210Pb and 137Cs dating techniques. Based on the results
  • , they estimate a useful life for the lake of 2,200 years, which is much longer than the estimate based on short-term bathymetric data. - (SLD)
  • Competitiveness ; Daily life ; Epistemology ; Human geography ; Practice of geography
  • competitiveness depends on access to low-cost labour in offshore production sites. The article argues the necessity of analysing ourselves as social and historical actors and assessing the way we work and the way we use language in order to strengthen our research
  • Changing local finances in the Czech Republic - half Way over?
  • Environment and quality of life in central Europe: problems of transition
  • Historical geography ; Legislation ; Racism ; Segregation ; Social life ; Social practice ; United States ; Urban conflict ; Urban society
  • » in connection with disputes about racially restrictive covenants. The ways in which ideological conceptions of space can infuse legal thought is analyzed. The way in which the spatiality of a rule can be manipulated is also examined.
  • Canada ; Elderly people ; Ontario ; Population ageing ; Residential environment ; Social geography ; Toronto ; Urban society ; Way of life
  • The A. calls for a politiacal analysis of the ways in which the built environment is implicated in the reproduction of, and challenges to, labels associated with aging populations and thus with the construction of elderly identities. The role
  • Germany ; Housing ; Living standard ; Quality of life ; Regional development ; Rent ; Urban development
  • be no ready-made rules or prescriptions to achieve this, but rather that specific ways and means will have to be found to cope with the mountain of problems that have accumulated. This first evaluation of the situation, however, is not yet in a position
  • to describe what these ways and means might be. - (L'A.).
  • Mobility and the puzzling of everyday life activities
  • Children ; Commuting ; Daily life ; Elderly people ; Employment ; Family ; Human activity ; Japan ; Netherlands (The) ; Social organization ; Social service ; Sweden ; Way of life ; Woman
  • A quality of life based ranking of Canadian cities
  • Canada ; Hedonistic model ; Housing cost ; Living standard ; Measurement ; Quality of life ; Town ; Utility fonction ; Way of life
  • Quality of life indices for analysing convergence in the European Union
  • Convergence ; Europe ; European Union ; Index ; Quality of life ; Statistics ; Test ; Way of life