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  • The comic book diary of Kamayan : the life of a day-laborer in Kamagasaki
  • Daily life ; Japan ; Labour ; Social relations ; Society ; Urban life ; Way of life ; Working conditions
  • Decline and re-emergence of nomadism : Tibetan pastoralists revive a nomadic way of life and production
  • Agro-pastoralism ; China ; Comparative study ; Lapland ; Livestock farming ; Nomadism ; Pastoral ; Pastureland ; Qinghai ; Scandinavia ; Tibet ; Way of life
  • Codes of life : identification codes and the machine-readable world
  • Computing ; Consumption ; Daily life ; Information system ; Management ; Way of life
  • Urbanity as a way of life. On the criticism of the scope of cultural facilities
  • Cultural studies ; Germany ; Middle class ; Quality of life ; Town ; Urbanism ; Way of life
  • -cultural town, reconciliation with nature, the presence of the past, a new unity of everyday life and preservation of contrasts. - (L'A.).
  • Not just milk and honey - now a way of life : Israeli human geography since the six-day war
  • France ; Picardie ; Quality of life ; Somme ; Way of life
  • Car ; Cognitive space ; Daily life ; Individual transport ; Space of life ; Way of life
  • Nigeria ; Rural life ; Teaching of geography ; Tradition ; Village
  • This Nigerian novel tells the story of a traditional Igbo life when colonialism and Christianity first penetrated eastern Nigeria at the turn of the century. The deep sense of place in this novel makes it a useful way to introduce geography students
  • at a secondary or university level to village life in West Africa and the impact of outside forces.―(DWG)
  • Suburbanism as a way of life, slight return
  • Polycentrism ; Theory ; Urban area ; Urban life ; Urban morphology ; Urbanism ; Way of life
  • Perception of quality of life in Brno housing estates
  • Block of flats ; Brno ; Czech Republic ; Housing ; Housing estate ; Perception ; Quality of life ; Residential environment ; Urban geography
  • The main goal of the paper is to introduce and discuss the ways of perceiving the quality of life on selected housing estates of Brno City. At a general level AA. focus on the significance of this kind of research and the factors influencing the way
  • housing estates and living there are perceived in the Czech Republic. The results of the research on three Brno housing estates imply that the external image of quality of life on a housing estate can be rather different from the feelings and opinions
  • Stadtland USA. Die Kulturlandschaft des American Way of Life
  • Les centres urbains secondaires aux Etats-Unis. Le paysage culturel de l'American way of life
  • Buddhism ; Burma ; Cultural studies ; Festival ; Religious practice ; Tradition ; Way of life
  • Introduction to some aspects of the Burmese culture and way of life. Every month of the Myanmar lunar calendar has its own season, its own flower, its own zodiacal sign, its own constellation and its own seasonal festival. During these festivals
  • Seafarers maritime culture and the I-Kiribati way of life : the formation of flexible identities ?
  • Europe ; Internal migration ; Life cycle ; Residential mobility ; Retired people ; Retirement migration ; Way of life ; Western Europe
  • Asia ; Macau ; Regional geography ; Social life ; Society ; Way of life
  • South Eastern Europe : discussing quality of life indicators
  • South eastern European countries on their way to Europe : geographical aspects
  • Comparative study ; Eastern Europe ; Europe ; European Union ; Indicator ; Living conditions ; Living standard ; Quality of life ; Regional disparities ; Sustainable development
  • Quality of life is the substance of sustainable development. The paper discusses the quality of life-level in the region compared to that in European Union countries and tries to point out the main weak areas and discrepancies. The analysis is based
  • on six fields on inquiry : economy, education, health, housing, environment and socio-political environment. Demographic and other statistical data are taken from official publications. The analysis shows that SEE countries have lower quality of life
  • Antiquity ; Ethnic group ; Germany ; Historical geography ; Way of life
  • Architecture ; Cultural geography ; India ; Irrigation ; Tourism ; Travel account ; Way of life
  • Africa ; Development ; Sahara ; Way of life
  • Canada ; Consumption ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; Fishing ; Food ; Hunting ; Northwest Territories ; Way of life