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  • an eventual return. The success of the migrant's insertion into the city appears to vary considerably, depending on whether the move is the result of a choice or dictated by economic necessity. The way migrants take to city life is determined by a conservation
  • strategy with respect to the past situation: rural migrants continue to live with their village, while interurban migrants do not, in general, maintain contact with their home town. The social status explains the differences observed in way of Learning
  • about city life and taking possession of the city. Role of the Family in the process of insertion.
  • Industrial change, the domestic economy and home life in Redundant spaces in cities and regions? Studies in industrial decline and social change.
  • The AA. show how the main activities that go on in the home are related to those in the workplace. The domestic economy and home life developed in relation to the development of specifically capitalist ways of organizing production
  • Information technology impact on the way of life.
  • Private lifestyles, changing neighborhoods, and public life : a problem in organized complexity in Housing, policy and urban innovation.
  • The paper looks first at lifestyles and asks about their consequences for neighborhoods and public life. It focuses on the design and scale of residential neighborhoods and their relation to lifestyles and public life. It asks about the character
  • of public life.
  • City sizes and quality of life: some observations
  • Components of life satisfaction in middle and later life adults : perceived social competence, leisure participation, and leisure satisfaction
  • Repeated resuscitation : how lifesaving alters life tables
  • The AA. develop a model that combines the analytical power of the concept of the force of mortality with the appeal and relevance of the notion of lifesaving. They study the linkage between lifesaving and life tables. They use mortality rates
  • The geography of housing : housing over the life course
  • Distance, space and the organisation of urban life
  • City size and urban life. A preliminary inquiry into some consequences of growth in American cities
  • A new approach to quality of life measurement
  • Life cycle and housing adjustment as explanations of residential mobility
  • The family life cycle, leisure activities and residential evaluation
  • The quality of life in Los Angeles
  • The quality of life in France
  • Urban incomers and rural change. The impact of migrants from the city on life in an Orkney community
  • Introduction to the life and thought of Karl Wittfogel in The geographical ideas of Karl Wittfogel (with an appendix on the Asiatic mode of production).
  • Race and racism : health, welfare, and the quality of life in Law, regulation, and geography. 2.
  • Life, liberty, and property. The economics and politics of land-use planning and environmental controls.
  • New attitudes to social indicators in the evaluation of quality of life in New trends in urban planning. Studies in housing, urban design and planning.