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  • K zahajeni prepravy energetického uhli po Labi do Chvaletic Transport of coal by the Labe waterway and its importance for the development of water-transport in Czechoslovakia
  • The Labe waterway is increasingly used as a result of water transport of coal to the power plant at Chvaletice. Further power plants will be supplied by means of waterway in the near future. So the transport of coal for power plants has promoted
  • a radical development of waterways in Czechoslovakia. (MS).
  • Inland waterways of the Danube as reflected by using international comparisons
  • The construction of the waterway Danube-Main (the so-called Europe Channel) will be terminated by the year 1981. By using some special points of view this paper intends to present a comparison of date with the sake of demonstrating the construction
  • Waterways and the Prairies
  • Valuing open access recreation on inland waterways : on-suite recreation surveys and selection effects
  • Accessibility ; Customers ; England ; Leisure ; Survey ; Transport cost ; United Kingdom ; Waterway
  • A viziuthalozat-és a területfejleztés osszefüggései az Ohio és az Arkansas volgyében. (Connection between the network of waterways and land development in the valley of the rivers Ohio and Arkansas)
  • The Ohio, a river of primary importance in the transportation of mass products gives the best economic geographical example by the industrial locational attraction of the navigable rivers. The importance of the waterways of Arkansas lies in fact
  • New hope for the Rhône-Rhine waterway
  • Regimes of international ocean waterways in Changing maritime transport.
  • Digital mapping of riverine waterway hydrodynamic and geomorphic features
  • This paper proposes an innovative, non-intrusive method for mapping waterway characteristics in riverine areas. The technique uses photogrammetry to provide quantitative information about the dry area in the vicinity of the waterways (banks
  • at a culvert site, this paper demonstrates the capability of the technique to monitor characteristics of waterways over time.
  • The regionalization of a waterway: a study of recreational boat traffic
  • The A. gives an historical background and a modern economical appraisal of the Kiel Canal as one of the most important waterways of the world that had little impact on Kiel and its commerce. (L'éd.).
  • The yugoslav waterways are 2.209 km long| of them 1.732 km, i. e. about 80 %, have been made navigable for craft with a maximum carrying capacity of 1.500 tonnes. Shipyards, volume and structure of production and services, market.
  • The Bulgarian Danube navigation exists 55 years. About 1/6 of the national foreign trade is realised via this waterway. The country actively cooperates with international associations operating on Danube like Dunajtrans and Interlichter
  • . But the Bulgarian Danube navigation has to overcome number of problems. The cabotage passengers lines were cancelled, the fleet and the ports need serious modernisation. The use of this cheap waterway is discussed in the light of the Rhein-Mein-Danube link. - (MB)
  • Italy ; Lombardia ; Milano ; Urban area ; Urban landscape ; Waterway
  • of remarkable glamour. Milan has not a river of its own, and so in the past its inhabitants have seen to replace it with waterways, the Naviglii. Recently the urban circuit has been thoughtlessly covered, but clear records remain in the townscape
  • This study focuses on the scale, indications of cartographic elements including waterways, mountains, residential areas, roads, principles of map-making in ancient China via comparative studies of unearthed maps.
  • Europe ; Navigation ; River transport ; Transport ; Waterway
  • Latin America ; Road ; Traffic ; Transport ; Transport network ; Transportation geography ; Urban transport ; Waterway
  • Airport ; Belgium ; Communication network ; Harbour ; Infrastructure ; Motorway ; Railway network ; Road network ; Transport ; Transport network ; Waterway
  • Communication network ; Europe ; Hydraulic works ; Waterway
  • Canal ; Ecology ; Economy ; France ; Planning project ; River transport ; Transport ; Waterway
  • This paper describes the main characteristics of the catchment area of Upper Tisza, the hierarchical system of the network of waterways and the quantitative relations between the parameters through examining a representative sample area. - (JS)