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  • Net water vapour exchange over a mixed needle and broad-leaved forest in Changbai Mountain during autumn
  • Autumn ; China ; Evapotranspiration ; Forest ; Global change ; Heat flow ; Jilin ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Mountain ; Radiation ; Water vapor
  • Net water vapour exchange and environmental control over the forest were examined from September 1 to October 31 in 2002. To quantify the seasonal dynamics, the transition period was separated into leafed, leaf falling and leafless stages according
  • to the development of leaf area. The results showed that : seasonal variation of water vapour exchange was mainly controlled by net radiation; magnitude of water vapour flux decreased remarkably during autumn. Daily mean of water vapour exchange for leafed, leaf
  • falling and leafless stage was respectively estimated. The budget of water vapour exchange during autumn was also estimated.
  • Effect of peatland drainage, harvesting, and restoration on atmospheric water and carbon exchange
  • The aim of this paper is to highlight and contrast the suite of processes governing microclimatic and gas exchange processes on natural and abandoned peatlands. Specifically, it determines the effects of peatland mining, abandonment, natural
  • regeneration, and restoration on evapotranspiration, ground heat flux, net ecosystem CO2 exchange, and the atmosphere-peatland exchange of CH4.
  • Untersuchung der Wasseraustauschprozesse im Bereich der Darsser Schwelle. (Investigation of water exchange processes across the Darss Sill)
  • The objectives of the multiyear complex research programme for investigating the physics of water exchange across the Darss Sill have been derived from the present knowledge of this process. The programme and first results of the pilot experiment
  • (Water Experiment across the Darss Sill), carried out in August-September 1980, are presented. (HL).
  • Evolution characters of water exchange abilities between Dongting Lake and Yangtze River
  • China ; Dam ; Hunan ; Hydraulic works ; Hydrology ; Lake ; Stream ; Water exchange ; Yangtze
  • By using field-survey hydrological data of the related control stations in Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River mainstream in 1951–2010, the evolution characters of water exchange abilities between the two water bodies and their response
  • the interaction of the river-lake hydrodynamic force. So there is an in-line growth or decline relation between the river-lake water exchange ability and the river-lake water exchange amount.
  • to the operation of the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) from different time scales are analyzed based on their hydraulic relations. The results highlight that there is a complex hydrological and hydraulic exchange process between Dongting Lake and Yangtze River under
  • The distribution of solute processes on an acid hillslope and the delivery of solutes to a stream : I. exchangeable bases
  • Catena ; England ; Hydrochemistry ; Leaching ; Podsol ; Soil ; Solution load ; Somerset ; Spatial variation ; United Kingdom ; Water quality ; Watershed
  • This paper aims to identify the spatial distribution of exchangeable base cations in soils on an acid hillslope, (Quantock Hills, Somerset, UK), and to investigate possible cation release processes from slope soils to the stream. The basic
  • assumption underlying this research is that the amount of exchangeable cations in soils reflects the nutrient stores and cation leaching processes across the slope where vegetation and parent materials are similar.
  • The nature of short-periodic Climate Variation and its relation with water exchange
  • Atmosphere ; Atmospheric disturbance ; Climatic variation ; Climatology ; Energy balance ; Evaporation ; Hydrosphere ; Mathematical model ; Precipitation ; Solar radiation ; Thermal exchange
  • Arctic Region ; Barents Sea ; Fluvial water ; Heat exchange ; Marine hydrology ; Salinity ; Sea water ; Seasonal variation ; Water exchange ; Water mass ; Water temperature ; White Sea
  • The dense water exchange of the Bornholm basin in the Baltic sea
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Baltic Sea ; Measurement ; Salinity ; Sea current ; Sea water ; Water exchange ; Water mass ; Water temperature
  • Atmosphere ; Climatic variation ; Climatology ; Dynamic model ; Energy balance ; Evaporation ; Hydrology ; Hydrosphere ; Model ; Precipitation ; Stochastic model ; Thermal exchange ; Water cycle;Water circulation
  • The ways of incorporation of hydrologic cycle elements into the dynamic-stochastic heat and water exchange climate model are considered. Such approach enables to identify the main sources of precipitation climatologic variability.
  • Salt marshes reduces oxidised nitrogenous compounds to ammonium and particulate nitrogen and export these reduced forms to coastal waters. The internal demands exceed the net imputs of nitrogen by rain, groundwater flow and fixation, suggesting very
  • active uptake conversion, release and recycling of nitrogen within a marsh ecosystem. Nitrogen losses are mainly through tidal exchanges and denitrification, and these two outputs balance the gains. The chemical exchanges among uplands, marshes
  • and coastal water are important in structuring these ecosystems.
  • A nomogram to estimate the heat-exchange coefficient at the air-water interface as a function of wind speed and temperature: a critical survey of some literature
  • Annual variation ; Atmosphere ; Energy balance ; Heat exchange ; Indicator ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Methodology ; Seasonal variation ; Water budget ; Water exchange
  • Agroclimatology ; Agroecosystem ; Heat exchange ; Soil water ; Water ; Water balance ; Water exchange ; Water resources ; Water supply
  • Energy transfer ; Water cycle ; Water exchange ; Water mass
  • About the dynamics of Baltic Sea water inflow into the Bodden waters around Rügen
  • Coastal current ; Germany ; Marine hydrology ; Mecklenburg-West Pomerania ; Methodology ; Salinity ; Sea water ; Water exchange ; Wind
  • Snow and climate. Physical processes, surface energy exchange and modeling
  • Climate ; Climatic change ; Energy balance ; Indicator ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Snow ; Snow cover ; Textbook ; Water budget
  • Hydrodynamics of salt marsh creek systems : implications for marsh morphological development and material exchange
  • of shallow water tidal inputs with hydraulically rough vegetated surfaces (d'après l'Ed.).
  • Ecosystem ; Experimentation ; Grassland ; Heat exchange ; Roughness ; Soil moisture ; Surface temperature ; Sweden ; Temperature ; Wind ; Wind speed
  • The aim of this study was to analyse wind, temperature and humidity profiles, surface radiation temperature, and eddy correlation fluxes of momentum and heat over a grass field in order to obtain a better parameterisation of exchange processes over
  • such a surface. The study was performed under summer conditions over a formerly cultivated, uniform and well-watered field of tall grass in central Sweden.
  • Osobennosti i zakonomernosti formirovanija vod susi. Processy vodoobmena. (Peculiarities and regularities of land water formation. Water exchange processes)
  • Asian part of Russia ; Heat exchange ; Hydrological regime ; Sakhalin ; Sea of Japan ; Sea water ; Seasonal variability ; Spatial structure ; Water exchange ; Water mass ; Water temperature