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  • Staden - så som William William-Olsson såg den
  • La ville, telle que l'a vue William William-Olsson
  • The urbanization process: Williams's paradigm of population redistribution revisited
  • Géographie humaine ; Inde ; Modèle de Williams ; Population ; Redistribution de la population ; Simulation ; Urbanisation
  • L'urbanisation comme processus de répartition de la population| extension du paradigme de Williams et application à l'Inde par simulation.
  • Raymond Williams and local cultures in New perspectives on the locality debate.
  • Classe sociale ; Culturel ; Géographie humaine ; Idéologie ; Localisme ; Mode de vie ; Société ; Vie sociale ; WILLIAMS (R.)
  • An interpretation of William's theory of culture is offered which places particular emphasis on his concepts of structure of feeling and knowable community . The creative tension between William's holistic treatment of culture and his stress
  • William O. Field and the American Geographical Society: the early years
  • Glaciers and Late Quaternary environments of Alaska:I. Essays in honor of William O. Field
  • Hommage au glaciologue William O. Field, spécialiste de l'Alaska, et biographie.
  • Michael Williams, 1935-2009
  • Biographie ; Géographie historique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Siècle 20 ; WILLIAMS (M.)
  • Michael Williams was an historical geographer, who worked on a variety of themes in England, Australia, and the USA, and on a global scale. Wetland drainage, settlement creation, and the varied fortunes of forests formed major aspects of his work
  • BERTHOMIERE, William
  • HALBECQ, William
  • William M. « Bill » Ross (1945-1989)
  • The International influence of William Morris Davis
  • Centrally planned urbanization: the case of Romania in En hommage au professeur W. William-Olsson.
  • The concentration of a compound the deconcentration of its parts: the economically active population of the Stockholm region, 1950-1975 in En hommage au professeur W. William-Olsson.
  • William Rowan Browne: an appreciation
  • William Cobbett: politician and soil scientist
  • Soziale Evolution und räumliche Wirtschaftsstruktur bei Herbert Spencer, William Hearn und Alfred Marshall
  • L'évolution sociale et les structures économiques spatiales chez Herbert Spencer, William Hearn et Alfred Marshall
  • William Roy, surveyor and antiquary
  • Cartographie ; Histoire de la géographie ; Ordnance Survey ; Roy (William) ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland ; Siècle XVIII ; Technique cartographique
  • The future of hazard research: a reply to William I. Torry
  • Réponse à la critique de William Torry (The Canadian Geographer, 1979, vol. 23, pp. 368-383) à propos du livre des trois auteurs ci-dessus intitulé The Environment as Hazard (New York, Oxford University Press). Il convient de noter que la géographie
  • Holocene vegetation history of the Prince William Sound region, south-central Alaska
  • Vegetation history during the Holocene is interpreted from the pollen and sedimentary records of nine sections of peat deposits located in sedge tundra at sites in the northern and northwestern parts of the Prince William Sound region. Basal
  • Mediterranean Smyth : William Henry Smyth cartografo del Mediterraneo
  • Mediterranean Smyth : William Henry Smyth, cartographe de la Méditerranée