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  • Aplicaçao dos modelos de Weaver e Thomas ao fenômeno industrial. O exemplo do Estodo de Sao Paulo Application des modèles de Weaver et Thomas au phénomène industriel. Exemple de l'état de Sao Paulo
  • Brésil ; Centre pluri-industriel ; Concentration industrille ; Géographie humaine ; Industrialisation ; Modèle ; Modèle de Weaver et Thomas ; Sao Paulo, état
  • Analysis of the signing ability of weavers shows that their literacy was inferior to that of a national sample of weavers and provides further evidence that Scotland was not an exceptionally literate country at this time. The article also offers
  • 1. La géographie évolutive du Panopticon de 1787 à nos jours (J.E. Dobson, P.F. Fisher). 2. Construire, visualiser et analyser une empreinte digitale (S.D. Weaver, M. Gahegan). 3. Les risques que fait courir la technique de géosurveillance (transit
  • WEAVER, S.D.
  • Shuttling goods, weaving consumer tastes : informal trade between Turkey and Russia
  • The A. discusses two cases : one concerns exporters and subcontractors in the export-oriented abaca crafts industry in Albay province, the other concerns traders in the hat and mat weaving industry in Aklan province which is geared to the domestic
  • A study of weaving in Ashanti shows that funds should be injected into rural areas and simple technology encouraged if rural poverty is to be alleviated. (EMS).
  • Dependency theorists would state that craft industries would have disappeared during the colonial period. A study in Ilorin of bead makers bears this out, but weavers and potters have been able to expand their trades. - (EMS)
  • Weaving protective stories : connective practices to articulate holistic values in the Stockholm National Urban Park
  • Mandenvlechters en Mezcalstokers in Mexico. Het belang van de rurale nijverheid in de bestaansstrategie van huishoudens in de Tlacolula Vallei, Oaxaca. Basket weavers and producers of Mezcal in Mexico. The importance of rural industry
  • Pedagogical suggestions for 8th grade (U. S.) that weave geographical themes of location, place, human-environment interaction, movement and regions into a study of African wildlife and its conservation. - (DWG)