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  • The Pacific tsunami warning system
  • Forest changes in the Warner Mountains, California
  • ; Pâturage ; Réserve naturelle ; Sapin blanc ; Végétation ; Warner Mountains
  • Evolution de la couverture forestière dans la zone protégée des Warner Mountains, Californie. Les causes en sont la lutte contre les incendies de forêt et les brûlis, et le pâturage, qui a provoqué une extension de la forêt.
  • Weather warning system in Hungary and the experiences of its operation
  • Climatic hazard ; Climatology ; Hungary ; Individual behaviour ; Meteorology ; Risk management ; Risk perception ; Warning system ; Weather type
  • The weather warning system was set up by the Hungarian Meteorological Service (HMS) in 2006. The first system was capable to provide warnings and alerts for the 7 administrative regions of the country. In 2011 as a result of scientific
  • and methodological development and infrastructural investment, financed by a competition support, the old system was replaced with a sub-regional weather warning system providing weather warnings towards the public, the disaster management and other decision-makers
  • Community-based strategies for coping with food scarcity : a role in African famine early-warning systems
  • of information which has the potential for improving the spatial specificity of early-warning systems.
  • Famine and famine early warning : some contributions by geographers
  • After the famines in sub-Saharan Africa in the 1970s, the international community developed early warning systems of food security emergencies. Much of the theory employed to operationalize the information technology has come from geographers
  • Hazard warnings and responses to evacuation orders : the case of Bangladesh's cyclone Sidr
  • Bangladesh ; Coastal environment ; Cyclone ; Natural hazards ; Public shelter ; Vulnerability ; Warning system
  • The human component in flood warning and flood response system in Water and agriculture.
  • Worldwide disaster warning with satellites
  • The Swedish Road Weather Information System is a tool for road winter maintenance giving warnings about risk of slipperiness and severe weather conditions. The system is based on climatological research at the University of Göteborg. Knowledge about
  • micro- and local climate variations is crucial when it comes to forecasting and giving warnings about different kinds of weather-related traffic disturbances. The progress of climatological research has made it possible to increase the use of road
  • France's heat health watch warning system
  • This paper deals with a statistical model to define warning thresholds for shallow and deep-seated landslides in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The study was performed in the framework of a joint research project with the aim of implementing a warning
  • occurrence. Results are cast in terms of a hypothetical landslide warning system. Two widespread landslide events are correctly identified by the warning scheme; however, it is less accurate for more isolated landsliding.
  • Warns that geographers must demonstrate the practical relevance of the subject to those outside the discipline because it is non-geographers will be the ones to decide whether or not geography's role expands in the school curriculum. - (DWG)
  • attainments, he then describes three methods that are used operationally in predicting tornadoes. On this basis, the A. defines four operational levels, which – depending on the particular product used – allow for the issuance of tornado forecasts or warnings
  • . The analysis shows that operational tornado forecasting in Poland takes place at the second and third levels, but that the accuracy and reliability of predictions and warnings is relatively low at this stage. – (BJ)
  • Models for mortality associated with heatwaves : update of the Portuguese heat health warning system
  • The history (and future) of tornado warning dissemination in the United States
  • Growing period and drought early warning in Africa using satellite data