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  • Glacial fluctuations controlled by volcanic events on the Tateyama Volcano, Hida Range, Central Japan, during the last glacial period
  • Glaciation ; Glacier fluctuation ; Honshu ; Japan ; Lateglacial ; Moraine ; Pyroclastic ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; Volcanism ; Volcano
  • The aim of this paper is to evaluate the effect of volcanic events on glaciations on the Tateyama Volcano during the last glacial period. For this purpose, this paper describes the distribution and stratigraphic relationships of the volcanic ejecta
  • , glacial sediments and landforms on the volcano, and examines the relation between the height or size of the Tateyama Volcano and the glacier extent in each glacial stage.
  • Structure and origin of the Koae fault system, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
  • The February 1969 East rift eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
  • Chemical and isotopic compositions of spring water around Asama volcano, central Japan
  • This paper discusses the chemical evolution and the recharge elevation of spring water by using major dissolved components and isotopic composition around Asama volcano. In addition the A. will provide the conceptual model of groundwater flow system
  • in Asama volcano.
  • Jég-és jelenkori tüzhanyok a Cascade-hegységben II. Kialudt (?), szunnyado (?), mükodo (?) tüzokjadok. (Pleistocene and Holocene volcanoes in the Cascade Mountains II. Extinct (?), dormant (?), active (?) volcanoes)
  • From the 17 big volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains 6 are certainly active and 4 are certainly dormant. The others are somewhere between these extremes. The Cascade Mountains is a unique volcanic range with magma sources from colliding plates (acidic
  • Geomorphological maps for Japanese volcanoes by Geographical Survey Institute, Japan
  • Applied geomorphology ; Catastrophe ; Classification ; Debris flow ; Forecast ; Geographical information system ; Geomorphological map ; Japan ; Land use ; Natural hazards ; Volcanic eruption ; Volcanism ; Volcano
  • Geographical Survey Institute is going to produce Land condition maps of volcano about active volcanoes given the priority by the Geodesy Council. This paper introduces these land condition maps of volcano and other geomorphological maps
  • for the research of volcanic disaster, especially the research of debris avalanche on Bandai Volcano.
  • The structure and geomorphology of the Dashgil mud volcano, Azerbaijan
  • The large-scale and small-scale structure and geomorphology of the active Dashgil mud volcano in central Azerbaijan, have been studied. Through historical records it is known that this mud volcano has major eruptions every 6-32 years. The activity
  • observed during 2 field trips in 1995, consisted of low-energy venting and debouching of mud, water, oil, and gas from 3 mud pool (salses) and about 20 individual cones (gryphons) located on the summit plateau of the mud volcano. The internal structure
  • of the mud volcano and the processes responsible for the observed Dashgil geomorphology are discussed. The natural contribution of atmospheric greenhouse gases from the world's mud volcanoes is highly significant.
  • Mountain permafrost on active volcanoes : field data and statistical mapping, Klyuchevskaya Volcano Group, Kamchatka, Russia
  • Active layer ; Altitude ; Asian part of Russia ; Conceptual model ; Kamchatka ; Model ; Mountain ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Soil temperature ; Spatial distribution ; Statistics ; Volcano
  • The AA. describe geocryological conditions (active layer depths, permafrost temperatures, ground thermal properties and cryostratigraphy) in the Klyuchevskaya volcano group and estimate the spatial distribution of permafrost using a simple
  • Caldeira ; Cours d'eau ; Drainage antéconséquent ; Géographie physique ; Hydrologie ; Lyttelton Volcano ; Nouvelle-Zélande ; Réseau de drainage ; South Island ; Terminologie ; Volcan
  • Drainage on the north and west flanks of the Miocene Lyttelton Volcano does not have the expected radial and consequent pattern. It is proposed that the term anteconsequent, previously used in the context of orogenesis and erosion, should
  • be extended to cover the situation described on the Lyttelton Volcano.
  • The volcano-tectonic map of Etna volcano, 1:100.000 scale : an integrated approach based on a morphotectonic analysis from high-resolution DEM constrained by geologic, active faulting and seismotectonic data
  • Digital elevation model ; Earthquake ; Etna ; Fault ; Geological map ; Geomorphology ; Italy ; Natural hazards ; Seismicity ; Sicilia ; Tectonics ; Volcanism ; Volcano
  • A new volcano-tectonic map of Etna volcano has been compiled through a morphotectonic analysis performed with detailed field mapping, high-resolution DEM and orthoimages, constrained by seismotectonic data. In this study, the AA. present
  • a homogeneous mapping of the volcano-tectonic and tectonic elements on the whole volcano, consistent with the updated knowledge on the geology and active tectonics observed in historical times. Finally, a seismotectonic model summarises the information regarding
  • Geomorphology and tectonics in the Roccamonfina Volcano (Campania - Central Italy)
  • Campania ; Drainage network ; Fault ; Italy ; Regional geology ; Statistics ; Tectonics ; Vertical movement ; Volcanism ; Volcano
  • The aim of this paper is to single out the relationships among the present landforms, their structural arrangement and the volcanic history of Central Italy. The morphological characteristics of the Roccamonfina volcano were examined through field
  • Geomorphological features of Monte Vulture Pleistocene volcano (Basilicata, Southern Italy)
  • Basilicata ; Drainage network ; Italy ; Pleistocene ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Volcanism ; Volcano
  • The Monte Vulture volcano is located on the eastern border of Southern Apennines at the inner margin of the Bradanic foredeep. A multi-disciplinary method taking into account geological, petrographic, volcanological and morphological aspects
  • Geomorphic processes at a snowpatch hollow on Gassan volcano, northern Japan
  • Creep ; Freeze-thaw cycle ; Honshu ; Japan ; Mountain ; Nivation hollow ; Slope gradient ; Snow ; Soil erosion ; Soil temperature ; Volcano
  • This paper presents field observations on present-day geomorphic processes in a snowpatch hollow on Gassan volcano, a remarkably snowy mountain in northern Honshu. The measured variables include soil temperature, debris production from rock surface
  • Volcanoes and climate : recent volcanological perspectives
  • The morphometry of selected tephra samples from Icelandic volcanoes
  • On the possible relationship between the Matsushiro earthquake swarm and the inactivity of Asama-yama Volcano
  • Glacier peak volcano: tephrochronology, eruption history and volcanic hazards in Tephra studies.
  • Unpredictable Krafla takes volcano watchers by surprise
  • Pyroclastic sulphur eruption at Posas volcano, Costa Rica