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  • Applied climatology ; Climatic variation ; France ; Global change ; Impact ; Mediterranean area ; Vine ; Viticulture
  • , which is analysed here in terms of observed or modeled consequences for some major productions in France (wheat, fruit trees and vine). - (BJ)
  • are shown through correlations and analysis of residues spatial distribution. The study is applied to a vine yard country (Vaucluse area, South of France). - (BJ)
  • The use classification of weather is connected from planning of agrotechnical measures, phytomelioration measures, breeding measures and plant protection. They also serve the opinion of condition permanent or periodical the sojourn outdoors
  • . Characteristics of precipitation such that the onset, the end and the rainy season length and the total rainfall, as well as the different lengths of sequences dry during the vegetative season have important effect on the plants development. The main goal