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  • The influence of site conditions on plant species richness, plant production and population dynamics: comparison of two desert types
  • Two field sites in the Judean Desert, in close proximity to each other, were compared with regard to plant species richness, production, and population dynamics. Although having very similar climatic conditions, the two types differed in edaphic
  • Phenology and pollination ecology of the desert plant Moricandia nitens (Brassicaceae) in the Negev, Israel
  • The phenology and pollination biology of the desert plant Moricandia nitens with long-tubed flowers was studied in Advat, Central Negev. Reproduction of M. nitens, being a self-incompatible and obligate outcrosser, is dependent on insects which
  • Ecology of linear dunes: efect of surface stability on the distribution and abundance of annual plants
  • plants.
  • The objetives of this study were to investigate the following aspects of flower-pollinator plant relationships, in a desert environment: 1) synchronization of flower and pollinator activity; 2) flower - pollinator association, i.e., the floral
  • events within the study site highlight a runoff-gradient pattern along the slope. Water harvesting experiments were also conducted on the slopes of the watershed. Five tree species were used for planting within the minicatchments.
  • -fold increase of orchards was noted. 5 plant communities were identified. The floristic composition of the communities show differences when compared to older vegetation data. These differences are discussed in the light of increasing land degradation