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  • Diffusion ; Economic history ; Portugal ; Rural geography ; Vine ; Vine;Region vineyard ; Viticulture;Vine-growing
  • Relative dating of moraines based on landform degradation, Lee Vining Canyon, California
  • California ; Datation ; Datation relative ; Erosion ; Etats-Unis ; Glaciaire ; Géographie physique ; Lee Vining Canyon ; Moraine
  • UK vining pea growers' and freezers' responses to potential global warming
  • The paper uses a study of both farmers and agencies in Lincolnshire and Humberside who are involved with vining pea production for the frozen pea market to explore the nature of the farmer-processor relationship and to examine the implications
  • of this for the adaptation of vining pea production to the imposition of global warming.
  • Audiovisual ; Vine ; Wine
  • Italy ; Lazio ; Rural economy ; Rural landscape ; Vine ; Vinegrowing area ; Viticulture;Vine-growing
  • The growth of the Mexican vine industry
  • California ; Cultivated land;Cultivated surface ; Economic impact ; Land use ; Rural development ; United States ; Urban growth ; Vine ; Vine-plant ; Vineyard quality ; Viticulture;Vine-growing
  • Farm ; Form of landholding ; Jura ; Labour productivity ; Landed property;Landed estate ; Legislation ; Switzerland ; Vine ; Vine-plant ; Vinegrowing area ; Viticulture;Vine-growing
  • California ; France ; Legislation ; Quality vineyard ; Territoriality ; United States ; Vine ; Viticulture
  • . It is conceptualized as a form of territorialization devised to regulate and capture advantages to some of the participants in the industry. The distribution of vine varieties in France and California illustrates the tight control in France.
  • New vine in old bottles : the historiography of a paradigm change
  • Der Weinbau Australiens. Ein Beitrag deutscher Siedler zur Entwicklung der australischen Kulturlandschaft The vine-culture of Australia. A contribution of German settlers to the development of the Australian cultural landscape
  • A külonbozo égtajiranyu kordonmüvelésü gyümolcs-és szolosorok teljes megvilagitasi idejének vizsgalata. (Investigation of the total insolation of cordon-trained vine-rows and orchards with various exposures)
  • Chile ; Rural landscape ; Territory ; Vine ; Vine-plant ; Vinegrowing area ; Viticulture
  • A method to identify potential cold-climate vine growing sites - a case study from Rosnaes in Denmark
  • Climate ; Cold area ; Cultural capacity ; Denmark ; Geographical information system ; Spatial distribution ; Vine ; Viticulture
  • A method for surveying the suitability of cold climate vine growing sites in Denmark is presented with focus on limiting growth parameters. The four most important parameters are identified. These are: i) Sum of growing degree days (SDD), ii) Risk
  • of frost damage, iii) Number of sunshine hours during growth season, and iv) Soil drainage. A two-step method based on GIS and already existing climate, soil, and topographic data is implemented. First the most suitable areas in Denmark for vine growing
  • Zealand, and eight well-suited vine growing terroirs are identified.
  • A regional-scale study of multi-decennial erosion of vineyard fields using vine-stock unearthing-burying measurements
  • Biological indicator ; Erosion rate ; France ; Languedoc-Roussillon ; Methodology ; Soil erosion ; Spatial variation ; Vine ; Vinegrowing area
  • Erosion and deposition rates were quantified in a vineyard context (Languedoc, France) using a method based on vine-stock bio-markers. The within-field spatial structure of erosion (Field Erosive State) was described based on maps of “unearthing
  • ” height of vine-stock. When this method was applied to a sample of 49 fields, the intensity of erosion in the study area showed a high variability between fields. The Field Erosive States (FES) were classified into 5 categories based on the intensity
  • Archeology ; Romania ; Rural history ; Vine ; Vine;Region vineyard ; Viticulture;Vine-growing ; Vrancea
  • Ecosystem ; Romania ; Vine ; Vine;Region vineyard ; Viticulture;Vine-growing ; Vrancea
  • Italy ; Lombardia ; Natural environment ; Rural outmigration ; Vine ; Vine;Region vineyard ; Wine
  • Some preliminary results of climatic studies based on European tree-ring and vine quality time series
  • Vines, wines, and regional identity in the Finger Lakes region