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  • Vertical crustal movements in the Tertiary of central East Greenland: a continental margin at a hot spot in Morphotectonics of passive continental margins.
  • Distance and dissent : Alaska's capital move
  • Analysis of the political attempts to move the capital of Alaska from Juneau isolated without highway access, to the Anchorage area which now has more than half of the state's population. In the six elections over 22 years on this issue, distinct
  • Population movements in the Canadian Arctic in Mouvements de population/movements.
  • Marooned in a blizzard of contradictions : Inuit and the anti-sealing movement in Mouvements de population/movements.
  • La fécondité dans un village inuit in Mouvements de population/movements.
  • A survey of some recent population trends in Greenland in Mouvements de population/movements.
  • The male-female ratio in certain traditional populations of the Siberian Arctic in Mouvements de population/movements.
  • Bedload transport measurement were made in a braided reach during summer 1984/85. Transport was predominantly of sand in the form of dunes which moved in a band down the center of the channels, the perimeters of which were composed of a gravel
  • Results of an analysis of the distribution and movement of extratropical cyclones around Antarctica for the period September, 1973, through May, 1975, are presented. Variations in seasonal cyclone frequencies, their preferred longitudinal positions
  • , on the East, on the South, barometric col and depression. Seven frontal waves affect the southern hall of Greenland during these two weeks. Fronts often cross the ice-cap-Frontal waves centers move along either coast with out climbing the ice-cap. Cloudiness
  • and by analyses in the laboratory. Sand movements directly on the surface of the dune relief and sand drift within the air above ground are determined at different wind velocities. Additionally, migration of dune ridges in relation to wind velocities was measured
  • and interpretations: a distinction is made between fjord ice, degradation modalities are established. The diversity of pack ice is studied, forms of floes and drift movements are specially detailed. 15 plates: various spatial imagery of East Greenland sea ice, both
  • movement in the recent past. These observations indicate that the previously published observations of the Chinitna Bay site are probably invalid.
  • lateral movements in the Early Cretaceous. During this period, the Antarctic Peninsula area occupied an important paleogeographical position, near the junction of major new seaways that were opening between South America and Africa, along the eastern coast
  • Three small run-off plots, located in north-central Banks Island, were used in a reconnaissance study of the hydrologic and geomorphic importance of downslope water movement during the summer of 1977. Positive correlations were observed between net