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  • Mass movement in the Himalaya : new insights and research directions
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Asia ; Geographical information system ; Geomorphometry ; High mountain ; India ; Mass movement ; Mountain ; Mudflow ; Natural hazards ; Tectonics
  • The processes of mass movement in the Himalaya have been described many times for the past two centuries. Recently, developments in a variety of fields have been introduced to assess the character of mass movement. Geomorphometry, remote sensing
  • , digital elevation models, and geographic information system technology are revolutionizing the study of mass movement in the Himalaya.
  • Geoecology and mass movement in the Manaslu-Ganesh and Langtang-Jugal Himals, Nepal
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Geo-ecology ; Human impact ; Mass movement ; Nepal ; Slope ; Spatial variation ; Tectonic thrust ; Tectonics
  • This study describes and explains the spatial distribution of mass movement in the central Nepal Himalaya. Judgments were formulated on the origin and rates of mass movement using field evidence, topographic maps, geologic maps, and SPOT imagery
  • . Mass movement scars were mapped in the field. Chi-square analyses revealed that the frequency of slope failures varies with slope aspect, and position above/below the Main Central Thrust (MCT). Human disturbance did not account for a statistically
  • significant increase in mass movement.
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Catastrophe ; Flood ; Fluvial processes ; Glacial features ; Glaciation ; High mountain ; Himalaya ; India ; Mass movement ; Mountain ; Slope dynamics ; Soil erosion
  • This paper assesses denudation by mass-movement in the western Himalaya and relates the mobilization of debris by mass movement to further removal by glacial and fluvial processes.
  • Tectonic predesign of mass movements, with examples from the Chinese Himalaya
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • China ; Earthquake ; High mountain ; Himalaya ; Loess ; Mass movement ; Mountain ; Natural hazards ; Neotectonics ; Plate tectonics ; Tectonics
  • This paper reviews a number of specific cases of slope evolution in the Chinese Himalaya which have generally been subject to misconceptions. The A. shows that in practically all cases of mass-movements, endogenic processes are also of fundamental
  • Anthropogenically accelerated mass movement, Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Bank erosion ; Catastrophe ; Flood ; Heavy rain ; Himachal Pradesh ; Human impact ; India ; Landslide ; Mass movement ; Slope dynamics ; Valley
  • This paper examines the factors and processes responsible for triggering widespread mass movement and related damages in the Kulu Valley. Whereas some smaller events occurred in the early and middle part of this century, the recurrence and intensity
  • of mass movements are recent phenomena attributed mainly to escalating socio-economic development, growth of tourism, and population pressure. Some long term policy is suggested for mitigation of landslides and other denudational processes in relation
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Alluvial cone ; Fluvioglacial features ; Glaciation ; Glacier fluctuation ; Himalaya ; India ; Mass movement ; Moraine ; Mudflow ; Quaternary
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Asia ; Geomorphology ; Himalaya ; India ; Mass movement ; Moraine ; Mountain ; Pakistan ; Permafrost ; Rock glacier ; Sediment transport
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Freeze-thaw cycle ; High mountain ; Mass movement ; Monsoon ; Mountain ; Nepal ; Periglacial features ; Rock glacier
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Geographical information system ; Geomorphometry ; Mass movement ; Model ; Mountain ; Natural hazards ; Nepal ; Regression analysis ; Slope dynamics ; Statistics ; Watershed
  • Mass movement in the Himalaya
  • Catastrophe ; Channel geometry ; Dammed lake ; Fluvial terrace ; Himalaya ; Karokoram ; Mass movement ; Natural hazards ; Pakistan ; River bed ; Stream