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  • Mobilisations communautaires à géométrie variable
  • Temperature variability in China, 1951 to 1996
  • China ; Climatic variability ; Foehn ; Global change ; Monsoon ; Seasonal variation ; Spatial variation ; Temperature
  • The objectives of this study are to determine the existence of any temperature variability trend(s) for the period 1951 through 1996, and to map temperature variability for China on a seasonal basis to depict the geographical patterns of thermal
  • variability.
  • Loess distribution by variable winds
  • Increasing variability in California's precipitation
  • The variability of the southern African farm
  • Linear structural relationships with latent variables| the LISREL model
  • Covariance ; Equations structurales ; Etats-Unis ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Mobilité résidentielle ; Modèle ; Modèle LISREL ; Oregon ; Portland ; Variables latentes
  • Analyse d'interrelations complexes avec variables latentes intégrant les procédures d'analyse factorielle et de régression. Exemple de mobilité résidentielle calibré pour Portland, Oregon.
  • Divergence or convergence in regional inequality-consumption variables versus policy variables : the Israeli case
  • Variables, autonomia de las variables y azar en las ciencias sociales
  • Daily air temperature variability associated with climatic variability at Colombus, Ohio
  • The purpose is to determine how the frequency of daily extremes of temperature are related to the seasonal mean temperature, its interannual variability and longer term variations among decades. The warmest winters and summers at Columbus occur
  • Yield variability of crops in Japan
  • Yield and climate data are analysed to obtain relationships between yield variability and weather variability. The analysis indicates that the influence of weather variability on crop yield is greater in regions with poor agroclimatic resources than
  • Using synthetic variables in instrumental variable estimation of spatial series models
  • Analyse spatiale ; Autocorrélation spatiale ; Données spatiales ; Eigenvecteur ; Filtre spatial ; Simulation ; Statistique ; Série spatiale ; Variable instrumentale ; Variable synthétique
  • This paper explores the use of synthetic variables in IV estimation when the analysis is of spatial data series. It considers two situations of interest: first, the case where there are no clear candidates for instrumentation and the instruments
  • are comprised of purely synthetic variables; second, the case when there are substantive but weak instruments that can be enhanced by the addition of synthetic variables. The approach proposed is illustrated with an empirical example.
  • Variable mix and factor stability in urban ecology
  • Analyse multivariée ; Choix ; Dimension ; Ecologie factorielle ; Géographie humaine ; Méthodologie ; Population urbaine ; Société urbaine ; Structure sociale ; Variable ; Ville
  • Etude de la variabilité des analyses d'écologie factorielle, en fonction du nombre de variables utilisées. Les structures de la société urbaine ainsi établies ont une signification que lorsqu'on a inclus les principales variables permettant
  • d'identifier les dimensions fondamentales de la structure écologique urbaine. Comparaison des résultats donnés par 43, 68 et 109 variables. (Cch).
  • Quality of life, an objective and subjective variable analysis
  • Canada ; Corrélation ; Géographie humaine ; Indicateurs sociaux ; Manitoba ; Mesure ; Méthodologie ; Perception ; Qualité de la vie ; Société urbaine ; Variable objective ; Variable subjective ; Ville
  • Les études sur la qualité de la vie donnent des résultats différents selon qu'elles se basent sur des variables objectives (indicateurs sociaux) ou subjectives (mesures basées sur la perception). Ceci est illustré par une étude sur les centres
  • urbains du Manitoba, où la corrélation entre deux index fondés sur ces deux catégories de variables est seulement r =0.07.
  • Evaporation in Wroclaw and its variability in the years 1946-1995
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic variability ; Climatology ; Evaporation ; Interannual variability ; Poland ; Radiation ; Solar activity ; Statistics ; Twentieth Century ; Wind speed ; Wrocław
  • The AA. present the results of a statistical-climatological study of evaporation from the water surface in Wroclaw and its variability in the years 1946-1995. The evaporation was characterized by year-to-year variability in the annual, half-year
  • . with saturation deficit, solar global radiation and wind velocity. The variability of variability was taken into consideration and multi-year periods of relative stabilization and extinction of amplitude fluctuations separated and contrasted with intervals
  • Significance of spatial variability in Analysis of marine ecosystems.
  • Spectrally encoded two-variable maps
  • An econometric analysis of yield variability in paddy production
  • Holocene climate variability in the Denmark Strait region - A land-sea correlation of new and existing climate proxy records
  • Climate change and variability. Special issue
  • Atmospheric circulation ; C 14 dating ; Climatic variability ; Denmark ; Holocene ; Lacustrine sediment ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Palaeoclimatology ; Sedimentology ; Strait
  • Two well dated Holocene sediment records bordering the Denmark Strait region have been used to reconstruct past climate variability. The content of biogenic silica, clastic and organic material and moss in a lacustrine record from lake N14 has been
  • used to infer past variability in precipitation and temperature in southern Greenland. Sedimentologic and petrologic composition of sand in a shelf sediment record from the Djúpáll trough is used to infer past variability in the northwestern storm
  • activity on northwestern Iceland. The aim is to provide both an overall view of the long-term Holocene development in the region and to analyse climate variability anf triggering on a submillennial timescale.
  • Algunas variables significativas de la ciudad de Buenos Aires.. (Quelques variables significatives de la ville de Buenos Aires)
  • A study of mesoscale runoff variability
  • The variability of runoff registered during the campaign field studies indicates the range of uncertainty, due to the application of only the permanent, macroscale hydrological network. This is especially significant when runoff information