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  • Educational outcomes and house values : a test of the value added approach
  • Correlation ; Detached house ; Price ; Scholar geography ; Social geography ; United States of America ; Value added
  • Prospecting for economic returns to research : adding informational value at the market fringe
  • Agribusiness ; Colorado ; Information ; Regional development ; Research ; United States of America ; Value added
  • Role of industrial districts externalities in export and value-added performance : evidence from the population of Italian firms
  • Economic impact ; Enterprise ; Export ; Externalities ; Firm concentration ; Industrial district ; Italy ; Value added
  • The role of value added in benefit/cost analysis
  • La valeur ajoutée et la productivité industrielles en Ile-de-France = Value added and productivity in the industries of the Ile-de-France
  • Comparison of pre-AD 79 Roman paleosols in two contrasting paleo-topographical situations around Pompei (Italy)
  • Two transects of 13 stratigraphical cross-sections were studied and 7 pre-AD 79 Roman paleosols were analysed in two contrasting paleo-topographical situations northwest (Boscoreale) and south (Moreggine) of ancient Pompeii. The pre-AD 79 paleosol
  • properties were characterised and compared identifying individual paleocatenary relationships between soil parameter values and the paleo-landscape position along the two transects. Furthermore, between the two study areas, pronounced differences
  • in the paleosol characteristics were revealed. Most notably, they seem to be related to the presence or absence of post-burial groundwater influence in the originally terrestrial pre-AD 79 paleosols. Under the recent influence of groundwater dynamics the paleosols
  • are characterised by: (i) higher amounts of organic carbon and nitrogen, (ii) a darker Munsell color of the top soil, (iii) lower amounts of calcium carbonate, (iv) increased sulphate concentrations together with a decreased pH value and (v) redoximorphic features
  • in the overlying AD 79 pumice layer. Moreover, the different thickness of the AD 79 pyroclastic deposits that buried the pre-AD 79 paleosols reflects the volcanogenic processes that took place during the explosive eruption of Somma-Vesuvius in AD 79. - (NF)
  • Value added and secondary benefits in regional projections evaluation: irrigation development in the Snake River basin
  • Classification ; Employment ; European Union ; Industrialization ; Poland ; Region ; Socio-economic indicators ; Spatial differentiation ; Value added
  • The work presents differentiation of industrial potential in regional division of the European Union (NUTS-1), with particular respect to Poland, measured by employment level and gross added value as well as change of the role of industrial activity
  • The impact and added value of cohesion policy. First section
  • Some factors in the relatively low activity of the Hokkaido economy and regional development policies. The improvement of those factors, especially using the strategies for adding higher value to products of primary industry. - (SGA)
  • Value chain dynamics, settlement trajectories and regional development
  • Agricultural production ; Cocoa ; Coffee ; Diversification ; Ghana ; Livelihood ; Monoculture ; Regional development ; Rural economy ; Settlement ; Value chain ; Vietnam
  • – indicates particular settlement trajectories that constitute regional development pathways. It is also suggested that the understanding of how regions are shaped by value chain dynamics will improve by adding elements from global production network theory
  • This article examines value chain dynamics, settlement trajectories and regional development. Through the examples of storable perennial crops (cocoa in Ghana and coffee in Vietnam), it argues that livelihood diversification – or lack thereof
  • to the combined methodology, namely by an examination of territorial embed-dedness and value (creation, enhancement, capture, distribution) at settlement level.
  • Conceptualizing sunk costs in economic geography : cost recovery and the fluctuating value of fixed capital
  • Capital ; Capitalism ; Concept ; Economic cost ; Economic geography ; Firm strategy ; Industrial organization ; Sunk costs ; Value added
  • Crop ; Forest ; Market ; Marketing ; Mountain ; Nepal ; Value added
  • Belgium ; Brussels ; Economic sector ; Employment ; Flanders ; Regional disparities ; Service ; Value added ; Wallonie
  • Economic impact ; Gross domestic product ; Natural gas ; Oil ; Price ; Russia ; Value added
  • City;Town ; Fiscal system;Fiscal policy ; Illinois ; Income;Wage ; Land value ; Local finance ; Local government ; United States ; Value added
  • A new kind of production and value-added multiplier for assessing the scale and structure effects of demand shocks in input–output frameworks
  • Azores ; Baleares ; Economic geography ; Economic growth ; House building ; Industry ; Input-output model ; Portugal ; Production ; Service ; Spain ; Value added
  • The equidensite-method by Kritikos (1971) is a method of digital picture-processing which enables to differentiate between areas of high value contrasts. Soil moisture causes on areas with high value contrast within the multi-temporal space weeker
  • pattern changes, than on places with a low value contrast. After Herz (1982) are such places, which show a high value contrast, areas of potential intensive short-time processes on fields. The presented method enables to improve the demarcation of areas
  • with soil-erosion processes on arable land, added by enclosing of reference data (maps, terrain mapping, laboratory analyses), and other remote sensing methods (visual interpretation, multispectral analysis). - (l'Ed.).
  • Les plus-values à l'échelle mondiale
  • The Global Value Chain concept represents an approach for understanding value added processes together with the enterprises involved and their functions within the chain. Along the example of package tour tourism from Germany to Jordan the paper
  • discusses the organisation and coordination of this specific value chain. - (IfL)
  • Value chains and the geographies of wine production and consumption
  • Agroindustry ; Management ; Marketing ; Partnership ; Value added ; Value chain ; Wine