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  • Végétation potentielle
  • Carte ; Flore ; Kielce ; Phytogéographie ; Pologne ; Végétation
  • Flora ; Kielce ; Map ; Phytogeography ; Poland ; Vegetation
  • Analysis of the potential vegetation in a 580 km2 fragment of the Nida Syncline. The basic mapping of the area was carried out in June 1983. The topographical basis was sheet 153.4 of Pinczów, at the scale of 1:50.000. The total length of the route
  • covered on foot in the course of mapping was about 420 km. This implied around 0.7 km of route per 1 km2. The reconnaissance of spatial differentiation of the potential natural vegetation was presented in the form of 1:100.000-scale map. - (DG)
  • La végétation, expression des processus naturels et de l'action anthropique
  • Action anthropique ; Différenciation spatiale ; Kielce ; Phytogéographie ; Pologne ; Végétation
  • Human impact ; Kielce ; Phytogeography ; Poland ; Spatial differentiation ; Vegetation
  • The paper presents selected examples of the state and changes in actual vegetation in relation to the factors creating it. Also analysed is the spatial differentiation of the dominant forms and anthropogenic influences, as well character
  • of vegetation reaction. - (DG)
  • Différenciation géosystémique de la végétation actuelle
  • Différenciation spatiale ; Géosystème ; Kielce ; Pologne ; Végétation
  • Geosystem ; Kielce ; Poland ; Spatial differentiation ; Vegetation
  • Among 24 vegetational microlandscapes, some have a syntaxonomic composition and spatial structure of communities which had not change over many years. Others are undergoing steady change in the nature of their communities as a result
  • of anthropogenic impacts. The criteria were the occurence of spatial linkages between communities, differentiation of the shape of patches of communities, the affiliation of communities to the dynamics of vegetational rings, and the existence of vicarians pairs
  • Etat des recherches sur la flore et la végétation de la région de Niecka Nidziańska (synclinal de Nida)
  • Flore ; Kielce ; Phytogéographie ; Pologne ; Recherche ; Végétation
  • Flora ; Kielce ; Phytogeography ; Poland ; Research ; Vegetation
  • Presented in this chapter is a historical review of research into the flora and vegetation of an area of the Malopolska Upland extending beyond the Nida Syncline. The review makes use of a series of original works and several review studies
  • . An attempt was made to pick out the main threads of the research done in the different periods, with particular attention being paid to work on xerothermic vegetation. - (DG)
  • Différenciation typologique de la végétation actuelle
  • Carte ; Différenciation spatiale ; Kielce ; Phytocénose ; Phytogéographie ; Phytosociologie ; Pologne ; Typologie ; Végétation
  • Kielce ; Map ; Phytocenosis ; Phytogeography ; Phytosociology ; Poland ; Spatial differentiation ; Typology ; Vegetation
  • Typological and spatial differentiation of the actual vegetation in the Pinczów sub-district (Nida Syncline). Phytosociological records used in the local typology work had been taken in 1984-1991. 87 basic typological units are discerned: 52 well
  • -characterized associations and 22 community types of local application only. The local typology of vegetation communities allowed for the drawing-up of a key for mapping and a preliminary version of the legend for a map of actual vegetation, carried out
  • Division en régions géobotaniques fondée sur la différenciation de la végétation potentielle
  • Différenciation spatiale ; Kielce ; Phytogéographie ; Pologne ; Régionalisation ; Végétation
  • Kielce ; Phytogeography ; Poland ; Regionalization ; Spatial differentiation ; Vegetation
  • A geobotanical regionalization of the Pinczów area was carried out on the basis of the spatial differentiation in the potential vegetation, and particularly the shape, size, manner of bordering and spatial distribution of different types of habitat
  • Différenciation écologique de la végétation actuelle (analyse phyto-indicatrice)
  • Différenciation spatiale ; Kielce ; Phytocénose ; Phytogéographie ; Pologne ; Topoclimat ; Végétation
  • Kielce ; Phytocenosis ; Phytogeography ; Poland ; Spatial differentiation ; Topoclimate ; Vegetation
  • The subject of phytoindicative analysis were plant communities in the Pinczów model area belonging to 49 phytocoenoses. The aim of the research was to describe spatial variation in the ecological requirements of vegetation in relation to soil
  • Flore ; Kielce ; Phytogéographie ; Phytosociologie ; Pologne ; Protection de la nature ; Végétation
  • Flora ; Kielce ; Nature conservation ; Phytogeography ; Phytosociology ; Poland ; Vegetation
  • . Also presented are suggestions for improving the system of protected areas with a view to conserving the most valuable representatives of the flora and vegetational communities as well as the characteristic landscape. - (DG)
  • Flore ; Kielce ; Phytogéographie ; Pologne ; Végétation
  • Flora ; Kielce ; Phytogeography ; Poland ; Vegetation