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  • Invariance of achieved utility in random utility models
  • Choice ; Mathematics ; Model ; Probability ; Stochastic model ; Utility fonction
  • by bringing out heterogeneity. An alternative representation of the class of random utility models possessing the invariance property is suggested. The characterization is stated in terms of the choice probabilities, and of the probability distribution
  • of maximum utility.
  • Estimating interregional utility differentials
  • Internal migration ; Interregional migration ; Japan ; Living standard ; Migratory behaviour ; Model ; Utility fonction
  • The major objective of the paper is to estimate regional utility levels based on interregional migration data. Three stylized facts concerning migration behavior are revealed by examining long-term Japanese data on interregional migration. Based
  • on the stylized facts and the inconsistency problem, an operational model is formulated and interregional utility differentials are estimated. These differentials converged until the late 1970s. The utility estimates are highly correlated with the per capita real
  • Utilization of subsurface space in developing countries
  • Utilization of aquatic resources of Purulia district, West Bengal
  • Analysis of the existing geographical aspects of aquatic resources and measures suggested for optimum utilization. - (PLK)
  • A Duna hasznositasa Utilization of the Danube
  • Plans for the complex utilization of the river. The building of hydro-power stations. Detailed information about the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros one. - (DLO)
  • Effects of common property resource utilization on wildlife conservation in Nigeria
  • This study examines the efficiency of common resource utilization (forest resources, land use changes) and its impact on wildlife conservation.
  • Utilities, land-use change, and urban development : brownfield sites as cold-spots of infrastructure networks in Berlin
  • Drawing on recent research into the spatial strategies of utility companies, after liberalisation and privatisation, the A. identifies disused industrial sites as cold-spots of infrastructure systems where energy and water consumption has recently
  • collapsed. He analyses the challenges facing Berlin's major utilities as a result of shifting patterns of resource consumption and overcapacity. He then examines the responses of the utilities in the context of recent institutional changes to infrastructure.
  • A new attempt at an ecological classification of land utilization systems
  • After a brief review of previous classifications, the A. advocates an approach for an ecologically-based classification of utilization systems, consisting of two elements : one describing the productive environment, and the other describing the main
  • On the possible utilization of Camelops by early man in North America
  • Of 25 fossil assemblages examined, 2 might be examples only of geological contemporaneity of humans and Camelops| 2 might indicate behavioral association of humans and Camelops bones| and 2 might indicate actual human utilization of Camelops
  • Foldhasznositasi térképezés Bodrogkeresztur térségében. (Land utilization mapping in the Bodrogkeresztur region)
  • The most famous well-known historical wine-growing region of Hungary is Tokaj-Hegyalja. In 1975-1976 the AA. carried out land utilization mapping in the course of which agricultural growing has been surveyed on a map of scale 1:2880. (CK).
  • Littérature d'information très utile pour diffusion large. - (CMU)
  • The economics of municipal utility districts for land development
  • Action municipale ; Analyse économique ; Croissance urbaine ; Dallas ; Egout ; Etats-Unis ; Financement ; Finances locales ; Fiscalité ; Gestion urbaine ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Houston ; Municipal Utility District ; Métropole ; Texas
  • Rappel de ce que sont les districts municipaux de viabilité (Municipal Utility districts) dans la réglementation aux Etats-Unis. Analyse économique des services de viabilité. Le rôle des M.U.D. dans le développement immobilier des villes de Dallas
  • Standort-und Nutzungsprobleme mineralischer Rohstofflagerstätten in Weltmasstab. (Location and utilization problems of mineral raw material deposits in a global scale)
  • An essential supposition for the effective utilization of deposits is their geologic-ecological valuation. Four groups of deposits with different value, quantity and quality are distinguished. The territorial effects of the historical location
  • are shown, especially by complex utilization of the existing deposits. (HL).
  • Place utility fields
  • Analyse spatiale ; Analyse vectorielle ; Champ de potentiel ; Choix spatial ; Comportement spatial ; Concept ; Décision ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Laplacien ; Mathématique ; Place utility ; Surface de potentiel ; Théorie du potentiel
  • Utilisation de la théorie du potentiel pour un modèle mathématique de l'avantage d'un lieu (place utility, concept introduit par Wolpert en 1965). Définition du Laplacien de l'avantage pour des distributions dépendantes du temps et d'un état stable
  • An interactive decision support system for designing appropriate and adaptive sampling procedures in electric utility load research
  • Forecasting systems in managing hospital services demand : a review of applicability and a measure of utility
  • Urban welfare maximization and housing market equilibrium in a random utility setting
  • An integer linear programming model of staff retention and termination based on multiattribute utility theory
  • Deriving utilities using the analytic hierarchy process in The analytic hierarchy process.
  • Paleogeomorfologiceskie obstanovki i formirovanie mestorozdenij gipergennyh poleznyh iskopaemyh (Situation paléogéomorphologique et formation des minéraux utiles supergènes)