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  • Peculiarities in the process of urbanization on the Great Hungarian Plain in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • The main characteristics of urbanization on the Great Plain are due to the relative backwardness and belated development of the region. It is not only a matter of temporal lag, however, as the Great Plain does not follow the course of progress found
  • in other regions and this bears on its future urbanization too. (DLO).
  • Az urbanizacios folyamat néhany elméleti kérdése külonos tekintettel az Alfold Helyzetére. (Some theoretical problems of the progress of urbanization with special regard to the Great Hungarian Plain situation)
  • The main attributes of urbanization are summarized: an uninterrupted all-embracing process which involves the restratification of population and its regional concentration and alters their life-styles and levels and structures of requirements
  • The Great Plain is the only microregion of Hungary with a practically stagnant population between 1949 and 1980, the period investigated. While rural population has still been steadily decreasing, the ratio of urban population has grown considerably.
  • After clarifying the terms of settlement, environment, and urbanization, the author proceeds to characterize generally and specifically /for Hungary/ the interrelationship between the settlement network and the environment which operates between two