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  • Urban planning and design in the Soviet North: the Noril'sk experience
  • Another installment in a series of articles on urban and economic development at Noril'sk focuses on the experiences in urban planning and design. Special attention is devoted to efforts to defend the city from strong winds and blowing snow through
  • This article on urban and economic development in Noril'sk examines the causes and severity of air pollution. The problem reflects not only the dominance of metallurgy and power generation in the city's industrial structure, but also local
  • and urban landscaping are described. The massive scale of smelting operations and the sensitivity of the northern ecosystem are identified as factors heightening these impacts.
  • for rail links to the south and west all are attempts to alleviate the city's traditional transport isolation. Urban mass transit functions efficiently because of high population densities and a limited number of trip-generating points.