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  • The Cities of Asia. A study of urban solutions and urban finance
  • Nature and déterminants of urbanization on a developing economy: the case of India
  • The development of agricultural sector is the most effective way to check the rate of urbanization. The development of rural non-agricultural sector too, is likely to curb the pressure of urbanization in relatively over urbanized states.
  • Jakarta: urban development and employment
  • Urban geomorphology in Kuala Lumpur
  • Studying the history of urbanization in India
  • Urban hydrology in Tokyo
  • Urban hydrology is a complex of the physical-human system representing all the changes in the region of Tokyo. The functions of the urban river have been changing due to modernization. - (SGA)
  • Sahrnesini dar Irân.. (Urbanization in Iran)
  • Urbanization in the past fifty years| migration during the last two decades| effects of this migrations within urban centres. The last article is a case study on the city of Kâsân. (ABSTR. IR.).
  • A case for local architecture in an arid zone: the Negev desert in Israël in New trends in urban planning. Studies in housing, urban design and planning.
  • Urban sprawl and urban planning in Japan
  • Urban growth and political socialization: a study of rural-urban differentials in value preferences and leadership behaviour in Bihar
  • Notes on recent large-scale urban maps in Japan
  • Nowadays the Geographical Survey Institute is in Japan the most important organism for making scientific, systematic and accurate urban maps. To meet demands for much more detailed, updated town information, private companies publish urban maps
  • and atlases. They give a reminiscence of the urban picture maps designed as guide maps during the end of the Tokugawa feudal period (mid-nineteenth century). - (SGA)
  • Rural-urban fringe.
  • This includes studies that have concentrated on some of the most significant problems that could distort an ideal rural-urban balance. The first section deals with the clarification of the term the evolution of urban fringe. The second concerns
  • with rural-urban effect in the present day contest. The third section deals with the delineation of Umland in India and provides an insight into the concept of Umland and city-umland relations. - (PLK)
  • Regional urban systems in Japan
  • Regional urban systems in Japan have a close relationship with prefectural territories. The population of prefectural capitals has gradually been controlled by the population scale of the prefecture. Analyzing the migration flows among 649 cities
  • in 1980, a city usually has a close connection to other cities within its own prefecture and forms a regional urban system with the hierarchical structure in which a prefectural capital is set up at the top. The hierarchical structure of the regional urban
  • system in each prefecture mostly reflects features of its starting point, although regional differences between core and periphery areas have appeared in the process of urban growth.
  • Rural to urban versus urban to urban migration in Turkey
  • The influence of Shanghai urban development on temperature.
  • Meteorological data covering a period of 105 years (1875-1979) is analysed to show the influence of urban development on temperature in Shanghai. Urban development is reflected by population density and energy consumption increases. The rising trend
  • in long-term annual mean temperature is depicted with special emphasis on urban and rural differences. The urban heat island effect on annual minimum temperature was more obvious than on the annual mean temperature. (TNC).
  • Migration of working force in urban Kerala
  • Japan : geographical background to urban-industrial development.
  • From court to capital: a tentative interpretation of the origins of the Japanese urban tradition.
  • The role of squatter housing in the urbanization of Kabul
  • Relative accessibility of urban centres in the Brahmaputra Valley