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  • Some application of supercomputers in urban and regional analysis and modelling
  • A strategy for urban and regional research
  • The City in maps : urban mapping to 1900.
  • Academic urban geography in the Netherlands
  • Using geocoded databases in teaching urban historical geography
  • Computers as applied to urban topics in historical geography.-(D. W. Gade).
  • The user orientated urban thematic maps serve for inventory surveys of urban landscape areas, their evaluation, documentation and for the representation of urban-ecological suggestions concerning planning. Some map designs are iteratively tested
  • Urban shapes as fractals
  • Urban welfare maximization and housing market equilibrium in a random utility setting
  • Taking stock of urban geography
  • Understanding and solving American urban problems : geographical contributions ?
  • Moscow: aspects of urban morphology
  • Simulation analysis for evaluation of flood control measures on urbanization process
  • Thematic Mapper thermal infrared data in discriminating selected urban features
  • An optimization model for rural spaces in Urban development in the USA and Hungary.
  • Planning the location of recreation centres in an urban area: a case study of Glasgow
  • Theory and method in urban and regional analysis.
  • Addendum to An approach to modelling multilevel decisions in urban systems
  • The application of spatial filtering methods to urban feature analysis using digital image data
  • Urban and regional systems
  • Calibrating urban residential location models 4: effects of log-collinearity on model calibration and formulation