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  • Australian urbanization process: the 80s and beyond
  • The urban experience of Aborigines: a structural analysis
  • The New Zealand urban system : deurbanisation at the southern periphery of the urban world
  • Urban and regional planning in a federal system: New South Wales and Victoria in Australian urban and regional change.
  • The Australian urban system in Urbanization and settlement systems. International perspectives.
  • Spatial variations in electoral behaviour in urban Brisbane, 1972
  • A geographical perspective on urban and regional policies in Australia
  • Voluntary organisations and Australian Aboriginal urban adaptations in Adelaïde
  • Choice of residential location in an urban environment
  • Some urbanization problems in a developing Papua NewGuinea
  • Some aspects of urban climate in Christchurch
  • The Newcastle urban area 1971: a factor ecological study.
  • Internal migration and the australian urban system
  • Environment, technology, and organisation: the restructuring of the Australian trading banks in Australian urban and regional change.
  • Telecommunications in Sydney towards an information economy in Why cities change. Urban development and economic change in Sydney.
  • Actual and potential flood damage: a case study for urban Lismore, NSW, Australia
  • Regional associations among urban migrants in Papua New Guinea
  • Urban and regional change in Australia: an empirical introduction in Australian urban and regional change.
  • Some urban and regional consequences of Japanese transnational activity in Australia in Australian urban and regional change.
  • Urban land problems in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  • to their unique character. In most cases land has not been seized indiscriminately by squatter settlers. Recently, although much land within the urban area is still vacant, low income earners have been seeking alternative forms of urban residence to squatter