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  • Characteristics and processes of urbanization in the Caribbean
  • Caribbean ; City size ; Demographic change ; Housing ; Urban morphology ; Urban population ; Urbanization ; West Indies ; World
  • Synthesis of recent urbanization in the Caribbean, focusing on demographic growth, urban primacy, internal morphology, employment, housing, urban crime and perception.―(DWG)
  • 1992
  • Latin American urban development : review of the 1980s and prospects for the 1990s
  • City;Town ; Latin America ; Research ; Urban crisis ; Urban development ; Urban life
  • During the 1980s the weight of Latin Americanist urban research shifted from the theoretical back to the empirical. Publications fit into four broad categories : cities in cris; urban form; reproduction; and production. The problems of living
  • 1992
  • Latin America ; Road ; Traffic ; Transport ; Transport network ; Transportation geography ; Urban transport ; Waterway
  • ; waterborne commerce; urban transportation; road development in frontier areas.―(DWG)
  • 1992
  • Two population movements have dominated research on the broad theme of migration in Brasil : rural to urban and to the Amazon North.―(DWG)
  • 1992
  • Research on women has been published from both feminist and non-feminist points of view and involve rural-urban migration, health and nutrition, rural household economies and land use, industrialization and the informal economic sector.―(DWG)
  • 1992