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  • Microclimatic variations attributable to urban-canyon asymmetry and orientation
  • The energetic response of urban canyons to variable urban geometry is investigated using the URBAN3 numerical model. Significant inter-urban canyon energy total differences are found which are closely linked to patterns of net solar radiation
  • . Implications of the study with respect to the magnitude of synoptic vs. geometric sources of urban energetic variation, and microscale and mesoscale urban modelling applications are discussed.
  • Slovak urban geomorphology principles and objectives
  • An urban-geomorphologic analysis of the Slovak relief described. The aim of this analysis is the evaluation of a certain territory for the needs of urbanism. At the first stage when data for the basic questions of settlements location are needed
  • urban geomorphology can offer data in general scales, for the needs of Slovakia this being 1: 500 000. At the second stage the evaluation of surface form, present landforming process and a combination of these characteristics with data possible
  • to quantify come to the fore. Both mentioned approaches of urban geomorphologic evaluation have been carried out on the territory of Slovakia.
  • North American research concerning the effects of urbanization on local and regional weather and climate in Urban development in the USA and Hungary.
  • A comparison of channel erosion in small urban and rural catchments, Armidale, New South Wales
  • Five years after the cessation of housing construction in a small urban catchment in Armidale, the stability of the channel bed and banks was investigated with the use of erosion pins. The increased rate of erosion was the product of changed runoff
  • conditions associated with urban development.
  • Tropical urban climates : review and assessment in Urban climatology and its applications with special regard to tropical areas.
  • Analyse anthropogener Einflüsse auf das urbane Lufttemperaturfeld mittels eines Energiebilanz- und eines Grenzschichtmodells Analyse de l'influence anthropique sur la température de l'air en milieu urbain grâce à un modèle de bilan énergétique et un
  • In urban and industrial areas the anthropogenic impact on energy and mass balance and the alterations of land-surface cause the modification of the atmospheric boundary layer to the urban boundary layer. The air temperature distribution in the urban
  • boundary layer depends strongly on the part of evaporating surfaces of the urban area, on the amount of anthropogenic energy flux and other urban structure parameters, as the numerical simulations demonstrate. - (l'Ed.).
  • Canyon geometry, the urban fabric and nocturnal cooling : a simulation approach
  • A simulation model for surface cooling in urban street canyons under calm conditions is described, based upon a simplified energy budget for the canyon facets containing only the net longwave and substrate heat flux densities. The effects of wall
  • Validation of an estimation model for urban surface albedo
  • The analyses presented in this study suggest that the Arnfield (1976 a, 1982) canyon radiation model is capable of producing acceptable estimates of urban surface albedo for land-use types consisting predominantly of canyons with lengths
  • Classification of soils in urban agglomerations
  • Some AA. consider the deposition of soil material in urban environments as anthropogenic pedogenesis, and hence classify soils on this materials as Auftragsboden (deposit soils) or Urbic Anthrosols. But soils on or near landfills and sewage sludge
  • Wind pollution index and wind pollution frequency a climatological problem in urban planning.
  • equations the wind pollution index, and the wind pollution frequency measurement for consideration by urban planners. (TNC).
  • Urban climatology and its relevance to urban design
  • Water quality problems of urban areas in Water in the urban environment.
  • Urban hydrology in the tropics : problems, solutions, data collection and analysis in Urban climatology and its applications with special regard to tropical areas.
  • Human comfort in the urban tropics in Urban climatology and its applications with special regard to tropical areas.
  • The urban energy balance
  • The effect of urbanization on flood magnitude and frequency in Man's impact on the hydrological cycle in the United Kingdom.
  • Land subsidence caused by ground water withdrawal in urban areas in Water in the urban environment.
  • Fog climatology of the Sacramento urban area
  • The assessment of geomorphological problems in dryland urban areas
  • Having clearly defined the term urban ecosystem, the A. examines problems of energy flow, city climate, air pollution, nutrient circulation, hydrological balance, soils and vegetation. The shrinking of green areas and the accumulation of harmful
  • heavy metals and pesticids in organisms are two of the ominous urban hazards. (C. Kiricsi).