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  • The History of urban America
  • A half-century of urban geography in the United States
  • Urban historical geography: a 1985 report card
  • Attitudes toward urbanism: a useful consideration in historical urban geography
  • Ancient urban water supply systems in Water in the urban environment.
  • De sociaal-geografische bemoeienis met stad en stedelijk systeem. Aperçu van de nederlandse stadsgeografie sinds 1950 The human-geographical exertion with the city and the human system. Survey of the Dutch urban geography since 1950
  • This treatise deals with the development of Dutch urban geography. The author stresses the importance of social conditions as well as the rich tradition of the Amsterdam sociografie and the Utrecht/Groningen sociale geografie for modern Dutch urban
  • Urban geography in the United States : my experience of the formative years
  • Urban networks in Russia, 1750-1800, and premodern periodization
  • I catasti preunitari dell'Emilia-Romagna: una fonte per lo studio storico delle strutture urbane
  • Urbaniseringsprosessen i Norden. Vol.1. Middelaldersteder The urbanization process in Norden. Vol.1. Medieval places
  • The eternal slum. Housing and social policy in Victorian London: Edward Arnold, 1977. fig., phot. (Studies in urban history| 5)
  • Patterns of urban growth in the Russian Empire during the nineteenth century
  • Urban geography and Chicago in retrospect
  • Rural response to urban penetration: Baltimore and St Mary's county, Maryland, 1790-1840
  • Landowners and urban development: the Rawsden Estate and nineteenth-century Huddersfield
  • Nagara and Commandery. Origins of the Southeast Asian urban traditions.
  • Some thoughts on the development of urban geography in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s
  • Urbanization in a pre-industrial economy. The case of Brabant, 1374-1930
  • A gazetteer of English Urban fire disasters, 1500-1900.
  • Medieval and Renaissance urban morphoagenesis in eastern Poland