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  • Non-urban policies as urban policies in US urban policy.
  • The urbanization of the Strait of Georgia Region
  • A kubai varosfejlodés. (Urban development in Cuba)
  • Cuba was one of the first urbanizing countries in the American continent. The author selects two towns, Camagüey and Cienfuegos to present the morphological features of Cuban towns. Changes in urbanization since the 1959 revolution are also outlined
  • Urbanization and urban migration
  • Crime in urban areas: new evidence and results
  • Industrial development and urban planning in Barbados
  • The Brazilian economic miracle and regional policy: some evidence from the urban Northeast
  • Transportation and urban growth
  • The spatial organization of the urban homeless : a case study of Chicago in Urban homelessness.
  • Urban subcenters: recent trends in urban spatial structure
  • Population redistribution and migration policy in the U.S. urban context in Urban development in the USA and Hungary.
  • The Canadian urban system in Urbanization and settlement systems. International perspectives.
  • The urban climate of Mexico City in Urban climatology and its applications with special regard to tropical areas.
  • Essays on Canadian urban process and form
  • The developing Canadian urban pattern: an analysis of population change, 1971-1976, pp.1-40. A perspective on alternate settlement forms, pp.41-180| The urban fringe as a regional environment, pp.181-288| Land dealer and land developer behaviour
  • on the rural-urban fringe of Toronto, pp.289-368.
  • Urban primacy in Latin America
  • Re-examination of the concept of primate cities and the different methods of calculating primacy. The high degree of primacy of 12 Latin American countries is confirmed here. However, the widely held belief that primacy is a stage of the urban-size
  • Urbanization and counterurbanization in the United States
  • Urbanization, the process of population concentration, has been succeeded in the United States by counterurbanization, a process of population deconcentration characterized by smaller sizes, decreasing densities, and increasing local homogeneity
  • Urban revitalization on the Upper West Side of Manhattan : an urban managerialist assessment
  • Homeless men and housing policy in urban America, 1850-1920 in The history of urban policy.
  • Urban policy in Houston, Texas in The history of urban policy.
  • City size and US urban policy in US urban policy.