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  • Planning ; Urban development ; Urban economy ; Urban history ; Urban planning ; Urban policy ; Urban society
  • Application of studies on urban population at a microscale
  • The urban population at a microscale
  • Segregation ; Shanty town ; Social development ; Social inequality ; Social structure ; Squatter settlement ; Unemployment ; Urban district ; Urban renewal ; Urban society
  • Women, urban life, and the city images in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Baja California ; Gentrification ; Marginality ; Mexico ; Perception of the urban environment ; Public space ; Social group ; Urban life ; Urban society ; Woman
  • group of women has appropriated public spaces within the city for itself ; however, they remain marginal in a patriarchal society. - (SLD)
  • Budapest ; Economic system ; Hungary ; Social system ; Urban growth ; Urban morphology ; Urban settlement ; Urban society
  • The collapse of the Eastern-European socio-economic structure has resulted in the far-reaching transformation of these societies. This paper discusses the historic dominance of Budapest, the growth of the private sector in the last few years and its
  • impact on the urban structure of Budapest. The privatisation of housing will also cause changes such as more commercialisation and increases in segregation. - (JS)
  • Local interest and urban political processes in market societies in Urbanization and conflict in market societies.
  • Die rhein-mainische Verstädterungsregion. Beiträge der Frankfurter Geographischen Gesellschaft zu ihrer Erfassung. (The urbanized area of the Rhin-Main-Region. Contributions of the Geographical Society of Francfort to their recording)
  • Community strategies in locational conflict in Urbanization and conflict in market societies.
  • The city, the self and urban society
  • Economic restructuring ; Gentrification ; Housing market ; Neighbourhood ; Urban geography ; Urban society
  • The economic restructuring of cities and the stability of socially mixed neighbourhoods are closely related to gentrification. The debate reveals current shifts in theoretical approaches to urban geography. The complexity, the contextuality
  • Environmental sanitation in the urban areas of Nigeria
  • The rapid change from a predominantly rural to an urban society has created serious problems in the cities which can only be alleviated by self-help schemes and by a co-ordinated policy of development. (EMS).
  • Urban retailing system in Kushiro city
  • Economic system ; Hokkaido ; Japan ; Retail trade ; Time geography ; Urban society
  • Changing urban systems in post-communist societies in Central Europe : analysis and prediction
  • Capital city ; Central Europe ; Deindustrialization ; Economic behaviour ; Europe ; Technological innovation ; Urban area ; Urban growth ; Urban hierarchy ; Urban structure ; Urban system
  • The paper is concerned with three levels of urban system changes : changes in the intra-urban structure of cities after the collapse of the communist regimes, changes in the national or state urban systems, and changes in the international system
  • An approach to representing the spatial structure of the information society
  • Accessibility ; Activity space ; Communication ; Impact ; Information ; Spatial structure ; Telecommunications ; Urban area ; Urban society
  • Comparative studies ; Industrialized countries ; Latin America ; Northern hemisphere ; Urban geography ; Urban network ; Urban society ; Urban system ; Urbanization ; World
  • Charente-Maritime ; France ; Historical geography ; Poitou-Charentes ; Saintes ; Urban growth ; Urban history ; Urban morphology ; Urban planning ; Urban society
  • France ; Haute-Vienne ; Historical geography ; Limoges ; Limousin ; Urban economy ; Urban growth ; Urban history ; Urban planning ; Urban society
  • Megalopolis ; Migration ; Rural-urban relations ; Urban geography ; Urban growth
  • , the desintegration of urban society and ecological conflicts. The paper ends by formulating future scenarios. - (AM)
  • The paper summarizes the different underlying mechanisms which produce mega-city growth (incl. high natural increase of population and rural to urban migration generated by rural overpopulation and deprivation) and the crisis in mega-city governance
  • Budapest ; Hungary ; Social geography ; Town ; Urban construction ; Urban district ; Urban geography ; Urban population ; Urban society
  • Biogeography ; Cultural landscape ; Fauna ; Town ; Urban ecology ; Urban environment ; Zoogeography
  • in human-animal relations, that may help bridge gaps between human and physical geography, and propel the study of nature-society relations to the fore in urban geography.
  • Geographers have begun to consider animals and the urban moral landscape, and assess competing rubrics of planning practice as they relate to animals in the city. Together, these efforts suggest a research agenda for urban geographers interested
  • Conflict avoidance and conflict suppression: the case of urban politics in the United States in Urbanization and conflict in market societies.