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  • The Urban transition: comparative studies of newly industrializing societies
  • Chinese urbanism in question : state, society, and the reproduction of urban spaces
  • Comparative urbanism. Special issue
  • China ; Neo liberalism ; Political economy ; State control ; Urban area ; Urban society ; Urbanism ; Urbanization
  • Urban sociology in an urbanized society.
  • The urban question under planetary urbanization
  • Globalization ; Large city ; Right to the city ; Urban geography ; Urban policy ; Urban social movement ; Urban society ; Urbanization
  • an urban society, but of planetary urbanization. Today, four decades on, Asimov's extraterrestrial universe seems closer to home than ever, and closer to Lefebvre's own terrestrial prognostications : planetary urbanization is creating a whole new spatial
  • In Le Droit à la Ville (1968), Lefebvre projects the urban trajectory of his day into the sci-fi imaginary of Asimov's remarkable Foundation series. In La Révolution Urbaine (1970), Lefebvre had already begun hinting at a new reality, not only
  • world (dis)order. The article tries to rethink theoretically the urban question and the question of urban politics in our era of planetary urbanization, working through the political role of the urban in the light of recent ‘Occupy’ mobilizations.
  • Global competition, sustainable development and civil society : three major chellenges for contemporary urban governance and their reflection in local development practices in Prague
  • Competition ; Czech Republic ; Local development ; Prague ; Sustainable development ; Town ; Urban planning
  • The general discussion serves as a background for the contemporary urban planning in Prague. The strengths and weaknesses of urban planning are assessed from the perspective of city competition sustainable development and civil society challenges
  • The emergence of an urban social movement in Israeli society: an integrated approach
  • Geography, segregation and American urban Society in Methods and mapping.
  • Aquitaine ; Bordeaux ; France ; Urban economy ; Urban growth ; Urban history ; Urban landscape ; Urban society
  • City;Town ; Social inequity;Social disparity ; Urban growth ; Urban history ; Urban network ; Urban society ; Urbanization
  • A study on the relationship of regional urbanization and socio-economic structure in China
  • China ; Regional development ; Socio-economic system ; Urbanization
  • This study aims to analyze the level and causes of urbanization and show the relationship between urbanization and society and economy. - (KA)
  • China ; Modernity ; Research technique ; Urban society ; Urbanism ; Urbanization
  • For many citizens, urbanism remains a serious problem in China. There is a lack of theoretic study to personal urbanism. The article proposes that the ancient research of urbanism is the research of urbanism of cities. Several research methods
  • are offered. Some thoughts are proposed about the promotion of personal urbanism.
  • Bavaria ; Germany ; Mobility ; Munich ; Regional development ; Urban region ; Urban society
  • as integrative forces of urban society and as generators for urban society and urban culture. With special regards to Munich, whose society is characterised by varied interactive discourses and an individuel public urban culture, the question of the urban
  • Culture versus commerce : societies and spaces for elites in eighteenth-century Liverpool
  • Cultural studies ; Eighteenth Century ; Elite ; England ; Historical geography ; Liverpool ; Perception of the urban environment ; Trade ; United Kingdom ; Urban economy ; Urban society
  • and urban renaissance. Culture was used to promote a positive image of commercial towns. The contested nature of this process is explored in terms of conflict between different elite groups over the wider image and identity of the town.
  • China's changing urban governance in the transition towards a more market-oriented economy
  • China ; Economic restructuring ; Governance ; Local authority ; Local government ; Social policy ; Town ; Urban administration ; Urban development ; Urban society
  • the reach of state-work units. Territorial organisations such as the municipality, urban districts and residents's committees are reinvented and consolidated to restore a governable society.
  • The article aims to analyse the forces released both inside and outside the formal socialist state system and the impacts on phenomenal restructuring of urban governance, especially at local levels. Marketisation has created new elements beyond
  • City;Town ; Housing ; Large town ; Urban administration ; Urban economy ; Urban geography ; Urban infrastructure ; Urban policy ; Urban settlement ; Urban society
  • Urban design in capitalist society
  • Le design urbain est en relation directe avec le signifiant de la ville. Dans la société capitaliste, la production de ce urban meaning va dans le sens du renforcement des intérêts dominants.
  • Ghettoization of foreigners and urban planning in Duisburg, Germany
  • Foreigner ; Germany ; Ghetto ; North Rhine Westfalia ; Social organization ; Town ; Urban planning ; Urban society
  • Area of attraction ; Barcelona ; Catalonia ; Spain ; Town ; Urban function ; Urban geography ; Urban society ; Urban structure
  • Labor, capital and class struggle around the built environment in advanced capitalist societies in Urbanization and conflict in market societies.
  • that capitalist society must of necessity create a physical landscape a mass of humanly constructed physical resources in its own image, broadly appropriate to the purposes of production and reproduction| and that this process of creating space is full
  • of contradictions and tensions and that the class relations in capitalist society inevitably spawn strong crosscurrents of conflict. (L'Auteur).
  • The land of old age: society's changing attitudes toward urban built environments for elderly people
  • Attitude ; Behaviour ; Elderly people ; Residence ; Residential environment ; Societal relations ; Society ; United States
  • The A. explores the reciprocity operating between age relations and the built environment by presenting an age-sensitive reading of urban history in the U.S. By focusing on the segregation of the elderly, intergenerational conflicts are shown