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  • A catastrophe theory of urbanization: formalization and testing
  • Catastrophe theory ; Division of labour ; Economic structure ; Labour productivity ; Production fonction ; System dynamics ; Theory ; Urban dynamics ; Urbanization
  • The dynamic of urbanization can be produced by the transition from a low level stable equilibrium to a high level stable equilibrium corresponding to a cusp catastrophe. An economic theory yielding this type of dynamic is discussed, formalized
  • Dynamics of urban population growth in Nigeria: the role of repeated migration
  • Dynamic allocation of urban space
  • Stedelijk dynamiek in Nederland. (Urban dynamism in the Netherlands)
  • A sketch is given of the phases in the urban development. For 23 urban regions a phase determination has been given. The three different phases are: urbanisation, suburbanisation and desurbanisation. (AGD).
  • Alicante ; Historic centre ; Spain ; Spatial dynamics ; Suburbanization ; Urban development ; Urban dynamics ; Urban growth ; Urban population ; Urban site ; Urbanization
  • Public policy and the dynamics of urban settlement system in Nigeria
  • The high growth rate of urban population has brought many problems. To solve these, the authors suggest that at both macro-and micro-level governement policy should be combined with public participation. (EMS).
  • Bevolkingsmigratie en de dynamiek van het stedelijk systeem Population migration and the dynamics of the urban system
  • Cortie and Ostendorf review the migration factor in the frame-work of dynamic urban systems. Their approach to this geographical phenomenon can be considered as an instance of modern Dutch thinking in this field. (AGD).
  • Going up the country: internationalization and urbanization on Frankfurt's northern fringe
  • Core-periphery ; Frankfurt am Main ; Germany ; Hessen ; Urban area ; Urban development ; Urban economy ; Urban fringe ; Urban growth ; Urban landscape ; Urban structure
  • kinds and two discourses on growth. Central and peripheral growth are linked in an oscillating movement of mutually reinforcing dynamics. The articulation of these dynamics with the local political space of the northern fringe is examined.
  • Urban and regional dynamics―towards an integrated approach
  • Bifurcation ; Optimization ; Spatial system ; System ; System dynamics ; Urban model ; Urban population ; Urban structure ; Utility function
  • Urban dynamics analysis using spatial metrics : a case study of Yokohama city
  • Honshu ; Japan ; Land use ; Methodology ; Model ; Space time ; Spatial analysis ; Tokyo ; Urban area ; Urban dynamics ; Urban model
  • Simulation analysis for evaluation of flood control measures on urbanization process
  • Regional Dynamic Model with the backward integration on system Dynamics Modeling is proposed in order to evaluate the effect of the flood control to the land enhancement. - (SGA)
  • Dynamic capacity planning of public schools in changing urban communities
  • Urban dynamics and the new firm: the position of Amsterdam in the Northern rimcity in New firms and regional development in Europe.
  • Portugal ; Town ; Urban dynamics ; Urban geography ; Urban growth ; Urban hierarchy ; Urban history ; Urban network ; Urban system
  • Some environmental issues related to sub-urbanization process in Bucharest Metropolitan Area
  • Bucharest ; Landscape ; Metropolitan area ; Romania ; Suburbanization ; Urban dynamics ; Urban landscape ; Urban sprawl ; Years 1990-99 ; Years 2000-2009
  • The paper analyzes the effect of urban sprawl within Bucharest Metropolitan Area as well as the most important environmental issues related to sub-urbanization process (land fragmentation, land market dynamics, uncontrolled waste deposits, water
  • Engaging, transcending and subverting dichotomies : discursive dynamics of Maputo’s urban space
  • Discourse ; Mozambique ; Neighbourhood ; Social geography ; Urban area ; Urban development ; Urban structure
  • –periphery or urban–suburban. In conclusion, it is suggested that this citywide ongoing process highlights the importance of appreciating dynamic discursive engagements with urban space, which not only are at odds with hegemonic definitions of the city
  • This article reframes the analysis of cities through recognition of novel forms of urban imaginaries, emergent nar-ratively, that may take the shape of dichotomies or trichotomies reconfiguring hegemonic notions such as formal–informal, centre
  • but also, crucially, impinge on people’s own urban strategies – in Maputo as well as elsewhere.
  • The dynamics of Nordic urban systems during the 1980s
  • Urban systems and the diversity of urban development
  • Centrality ; Europe ; Northern Europe ; Service ; System dynamics ; Typology ; Urban change ; Urban function ; Urban growth ; Urban hierarchy ; Urban system
  • Urban rent and urban dynamics : the determinants of urban development in Italy
  • City size ; Demographic change ; Housing cost ; Italy ; Land rent ; Periurban development ; Town ; Urban attraction ; Urban dynamics ; Urban growth
  • Urban congestion and developer precommitments: unilateral solutions to dynamic inconsistency
  • Congestion ; Externalities ; Housing ; Housing cost ; Housing market ; Optimization ; Price fixing ; Urban construction ; Urban development
  • The sale of housing creates a dynamic inconsistency problem for residential developers, who find it profit-maximising to overdevelop an area once ownership has been transferred to local residents. Rational buyers lower the prices they are willing
  • Fundamental issues in nonlinear urban population dynamic models. Theory and a synthesis
  • City size ; Discontinuity ; Dynamic model ; Space time ; Theory ; Urban growth ; Urban population