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  • Mondialisation et transport : le réseau mondial des systèmes de transport
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Communication ; Innovation technologique ; Internationalisation ; Mondialisation ; Réseau de transports ; Transport
  • Communication ; Globalization ; Internationalization ; Technological innovation ; Transport ; Transport network
  • Globalization processes drive economic growth and international trade and move together formerly disconnected regions. Transport and communication industry are key forces, they enable and accelerate this development. More and more goods passengers
  • are transported in decreasing time and costs across increasing distances. This paper addresses the political and economic framework as well as the structural changes on a global scale. Thereafter it focuses on selected influential factors and challenges in regard
  • to the restructuring of the transportation system: technological innovations, new logistic concepts, increasing competition and cooperation. - (IfL)
  • La signification des distances et les infrastructures de transports dans les pays en voie de développement
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Distance ; Infrastructure ; Pays en développement ; Transport
  • Developing countries ; Distance ; Infrastructure ; Transport
  • Lowering transportation costs are considered one of the main drivers of globalization. In the last decades the volumes of internationally traded goods have been steeply increasing, maritime transport remaining the most important mode mainly for bulk
  • by transport costs and significantly lowering their international competitiveness and overall welfare of their societies. Additionally, transport infrastructure, mainly between developing countries and connecting them to sea ports has to be expanded. - (IfL)
  • Intégration des transports dans l’espace de la Mer Baltique
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Baltique mer ; Europe ; Russie ; Réseau ; Trafic maritime ; Transport ; Transport maritime
  • Baltic Sea ; Europe ; Maritime traffic ; Network ; Russia ; Sea transport ; Transport
  • transport integration, whereas the container services mainly establish extra-Baltic integration with several external deep-sea ports on the North Sea coast. Presently, East Asian export boom and Russian oil export wave geographically meet in the Baltic Sea
  • Les nouvelles tendances d’évolution dans le transport aérien mondial : hubs aéroportuaires, alliances stratégiques, marché des Low-Cost
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Asie ; Asie du Sud-Est ; Aéroport ; Déréglementation ; Ecologie ; Mondialisation ; Transport ; Transport aérien
  • Air transport ; Airport ; Asia ; Deregulation ; Ecology ; Globalization ; South-Eastern Asia ; Transport
  • to recent changes in international air transport: rising crude oil and jet fuel prices, the advent of low-cost carriers in existing markets as a consequence of deregulation measures, emerging markets especially in East and Southeast Asia, in creased
  • competition among hub-and spoke and point-to-point structures, airlines and airports cooperating in pushing governments for open-skies agreements. In the changing environment, the major air transport players worldwide are very much concerned about productivity
  • , costs, and prices. Consequently, they are not much concerned with sustainable transport aiming to improve the economic, ecological and social conditions of human life. - (IfL)
  • Organisation des transports grace aux technologies de l’information et de la communication
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Communication ; Flux d'information ; Information ; Logistique ; Mondialisation ; Transport
  • Communication ; Globalization ; Information ; Information flow ; Logistics ; Transport
  • Les profondes mutations dans la production des biens et par conséquent les besoins croissants de coordination et de synchronisation sont impensables sans de nouveaux concepts de logistique et de transport. Les nouvelles technologies de l’information
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Entreprise ; Logistique ; Mondialisation ; Technologie ; Trafic ; Transport
  • Firm ; Globalization ; Logistics ; Technology ; Traffic ; Transport
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Automobile ; Chine ; Environnement ; Infrastructure routière ; Mondialisation ; Trafic routier ; Transport
  • Car ; China ; Environment ; Globalization ; Road infrastructure ; Road traffic ; Transport
  • the rising demand for mobility in China is undisputed, there is a need for improving traditional transport modes, and also for making car traffic more sustainable. The attractiveness of the car also demonstrates a socio-cultural dimension that is still poorly
  • La question conflictuelle du transit alpin. Les limites du développement du transport d’après les exemples autrichien et suisse
  • Mondialisation et transport
  • Autriche ; Conditions de vie ; Conflit ; Europe ; Intégration européenne ; Multimodalité ; Population locale ; Suisse ; Trafic routier ; Transport
  • Austria ; Conflict ; Europe ; European integration ; Living conditions ; Local population ; Multimodal transport ; Road traffic ; Switzerland ; Transport
  • -alpine traffic indicating unfavourable modal split tendencies. The examples of Austria and Switzerland illustrate how different countries have taken up the challenge, aiming at reducing road transport and foster train shippings. - (IfL)