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  • Croatia ; Development axis ; Economic development ; Polarization ; Transport ; Urbanization
  • This paper identifies and categorizes traffic axes and analyses their significance in the development of urbanization axes in Central Croatia. By means of traffic infrastructure and the importance of traffic routes levels of developmental axes
  • are identified, while urbanization axes are identified and categorized by means of the number and continuity of urban and urbanized settlements.
  • Croatia ; Harbour ; Harbour traffic ; International trade ; Regional development ; Urban site
  • Commerce international ; Croatie ; Développement régional ; Port ; Rijeka ; Site urbain ; Trafic portuaire
  • The paper discusses the geographic position, growth and current importance of the Rijeka harbour. Its transformation into a complex port system is shown and analysis made of the latest increase in traffic. The basic precondition for further
  • development of Rijeka as a leading Croatian port and transit port for Central Europe is the construction of traffic links with the hinterland.
  • Commuting ; Freight ; Harbour ; Harbour traffic ; Population ; Population growth ; Sea transport ; Slovenia ; Transport ; Urban growth
  • Croissance démographique ; Croissance urbaine ; Fret ; Migration alternante ; Population ; Port ; Slovénie ; Trafic portuaire ; Transport ; Transport maritime
  • This paper discusses the geographic position and developmental stages of Ploče harbour, its functions and structures of port traffic. An analysis is also made of the influence of the port on the transformation of settlements, demographic position
  • Car ; Great Britain ; Planning ; Public transport ; Transport policy ; Urban structure ; Urban traffic ; Urban transport ; Zagreb
  • Automobile ; Great Britain ; Planification ; Politique des transports ; Structure urbaine ; Trafic urbain ; Transport public ; Transport urbain ; Zagreb
  • There are several categories of cities in the World regarding their internal transport systems. Urban transportation and the structure of the city are interdependent. The relation of public and private transportation is an essential problem
  • Communication ; Croatia ; Independence ; Network ; Political reform ; Spatial organization ; Telecommunications ; Telephone ; Transport ; Urbanization
  • This paper deals with telecommunications network of Republic of Croatia and its influence on a spatial organization. It emphasized the need for establishing new traffic corridors because of new geopolitical changes of this territory.
  • In this paper the A. considers the possible effect of recent socio-economic changes in Eastern Europe, former Yugoslavia, and the Republic of Croatia, on the development of the traffic system in Croatia. An appraisal is given of the effect
  • of these changes on future orientation of the traffic network and traffic flow in Croatia, and its geographical-traffic position. The A., furthermore, presents some elements of traffic policy important for further development of Croatia.
  • With the formation of the independent Croatian State the traffic problems have gained a primary importance. It has become apparent that the inherited traffic system needs to be adjusted to the needs of the new State. At the same time a demand has
  • emerged for the prompter traffic evaluation with the aim of taking advantage of the geographic position of Croatia. Consequently, consideration has been given to the aspects of international links and the inclusion of Croatia into the networks of European
  • and world traffic.
  • Classification of roads with regard to their importance is an important task and represents an objective traffic policy of each individual country. Generally the planning of traffic systems is a complex undertaking. This particularly refers
  • to the conception and planning of the development of a motorway traffic system. In Croatia the task is more complex as the inclusion of the surrounding regions has to be considered, which, with Croatia, make a unique traffic area.
  • Croatie ; Développement ; Europe ; Ex-Yougoslavie ; Indépendance ; Intégration économique ; Mutation politique ; Planification ; Relations internationales ; Système de transports ; Trafic routier ; Transport
  • Croatia ; Development ; Economic integration ; Europe ; Former Yugoslavia ; Independence ; International relations ; Planning ; Political reform ; Road traffic ; Transport ; Transport system
  • The paper considers the role of the traffic system in the Spatial Planning of the Republic of Croatia, which gained major importance with the formation of an independent state. The traffic system should contribute to the integration of the Croatian
  • Croatie ; Fret ; Port ; Port fluvial ; Trafic ; Transport ; Transport ferroviaire ; Transport fluvial ; Zagreb
  • Croatia ; Fluvial harbour ; Freight ; Harbour ; Rail transport ; River transport ; Traffic ; Transport ; Zagreb
  • The paper discusses the influence of traffic on the development of agrarian regions, giving Hrvatsko Zagorje as an example. In the first place it covers commuting and growth of the population, including socio-economic transformations of settlements
  • , which among other things, are also influenced by traffic.
  • The paper discusses the ecological problems in Maribor which are effected by international transit road traffic, great density of local traffic and other emissions. These factors have made Maribor one of the worst polluted areas in Slovenia.
  • The object of this article is development and analysis of ferryboat traffic between coast and Kvarner Islands. The connections between Kvarner Islands and land at first by steamboat lines and now ferryboat lines are conditions for touristic
  • greater population degression. Analysis results indicate that a firm connection exists between traffic accessibility of rural settlements and their demographic characteristics.
  • The local road connecting has an important meaning for the survival and development of the little Adriatic islands. Some of realised road connections between the main points of these islands signify the importance of such a kind of traffic