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  • Entreprise ; Logistique ; Mondialisation ; Technologie ; Trafic ; Transport
  • Firm ; Globalization ; Logistics ; Technology ; Traffic ; Transport
  • goods traffic. The article discusses this process and illustrates how the ongoing globalization of service providers effects clients and service providers in target regions. - (IfL)
  • Automobile ; Chine ; Environnement ; Infrastructure routière ; Mondialisation ; Trafic routier ; Transport
  • Car ; China ; Environment ; Globalization ; Road infrastructure ; Road traffic ; Transport
  • appears quite similar to the way it happened earlier in the industrialized world. However, this process is running in a significantly faster pace, and it exceeds a high pressure on infrastructure provision, traffic safety or the environment. Whereas
  • the rising demand for mobility in China is undisputed, there is a need for improving traditional transport modes, and also for making car traffic more sustainable. The attractiveness of the car also demonstrates a socio-cultural dimension that is still poorly
  • Autriche ; Conditions de vie ; Conflit ; Europe ; Intégration européenne ; Multimodalité ; Population locale ; Suisse ; Trafic routier ; Transport
  • Austria ; Conflict ; Europe ; European integration ; Living conditions ; Local population ; Multimodal transport ; Road traffic ; Switzerland ; Transport
  • For the last two decades, the increasing economic integration of Europe has spurred freight traffic across the Alps. This negatively affects natural and living conditions along the main transit routes that follow alpine valleys and has reached
  • -alpine traffic indicating unfavourable modal split tendencies. The examples of Austria and Switzerland illustrate how different countries have taken up the challenge, aiming at reducing road transport and foster train shippings. - (IfL)
  • Baltique mer ; Europe ; Russie ; Réseau ; Trafic maritime ; Transport ; Transport maritime
  • Baltic Sea ; Europe ; Maritime traffic ; Network ; Russia ; Sea transport ; Transport
  • After years of decline, the international airline industry has recently shown signs of recovery. Although IATA airlines as well as airports report growing passenger traffic, however, the business is anything but profitable. This is particularly due