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  • Climatic change ; Ethnography ; Global change ; Greenland ; Historical geography ; Iceland ; Societal relations ; Society-environment relationship
  • In this paper, the A. presents two empirical cases from Icelandic history and current Greenlandic society. These cases shed light on the natural–social entanglements in a long-term historical perspective and in a highly charged present, respectively
  • Climatic change ; Economic crisis ; Historical geography ; Iron Age ; Palaeoclimatology ; Society-environment relationship ; Sweden ; Vulnerability
  • natural science texts is criticized. Learning from recent approaches to climate change in the social sciences is crucial for understanding society–climate relationships in the past. The paper concludes that we are not yet in a position to fully evaluate
  • , punctuated by episodes of rapid and severe climate change, at a time when human societies were beginning to resemble those of today. A survey of archaeological and palaeo-environmental data from the northern hemisphere subtropics and other regions provides us
  • a variety of responses and outcomes, and that are much more nuanced than narratives of the proposed climate-induced collapse of individual societies. Such synthetic studies that compare contexts across time and space can help us understand human–environment
  • Adaptation ; Climatic change ; Decision making process ; Environmental management ; Greenhouse effect ; Human impact ; Impact ; Narrative ; Perception ; Policy ; Public policy ; Society-environment relationship ; Vulnerability
  • Adaptation ; Climatic change ; Climatic warming ; Determinism ; Earth sciences ; Environment ; Global change ; Human geography ; Society-environment relationship
  • Agroclimatology ; Climatic change ; Climatic hazard ; Mangrove ; Methodology ; Perception ; Philippines ; Plantation ; Society-environment relationship ; St Lucia ; Vulnerability
  • Adaptation ; Climatic change ; Cognitive process ; Delta ; Human impact ; Hydraulic works ; Land use ; Netherlands (The) ; Rhine ; Society-environment relationship ; Technology