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  • The edge of the forest: land, childhood and change in a New Guinea protoagricultural society
  • Social image and social change in a Melanesian society
  • Your own pigs you may not eat: a comparative study of New Guinea societies.
  • cultures. This is a comparative study of thirteen New Guinea societies.
  • Late Holocene sea-level changes in the Society Islands and in the Northwest Tuamotu Atolls in Proceedings. Volume 3. Symposia and seminars.
  • the present MSL from between 6000 and 5500 yr BP until at least 1200 yr BP. In Makatea marks of a maximum MSL at about + 1 m are found all around the island. In the Society Islands a 0.5 m decrease in the emergence of the 3000 yr BP shoreline can be observed
  • In pre-European times, Aboriginal women played very important economic roles in their societies, in the religious and political spheres. Today, the variation in the position of women in the society is enormous. At the macro-scale of Australian
  • This present paper discusses the social and spatial distinctions between family and household in Western societies, provides an analysis of the spatial patterns of household types and attempts to establish what part household structure plays
  • Pearl culture and the istanders' society of the Torres Strait in Pacific Island States.
  • The tree and the canoe: roots and mobility in Vanuatu societies in Mobility and identity in the island Pacific.
  • Recueil d'articles publié à l'occasion du 150 anniversaire de The Australian Museum et du 50 anniversaire de The Anthropological Society of New South Wales. Les articles concernent surtout l'Australie, la Nouvelle-Guinée, les Salomon, mais quelques
  • It is hypothesized that the majority of Polynesian societies which have undergone radical change are those with systems of social organization featuring primogeniture, senior lineages, social stratification and religious sanctions for chiefly
  • of the Kilenge society's enculturation process. (Authors).
  • in the lithosphere near the hot spot of the Society Islands and visco-elastic phenomena are probably also involved. The occurrence of elevated reefs dating from the last Interglacial in Makatea, Anaa and Niau atolls, which are situated on a rim concentric on Tahiti