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  • Urban growth and political socialization: a study of rural-urban differentials in value preferences and leadership behaviour in Bihar
  • An economic policy hypothesis of metropolitan growth cycles : a reflection on the recent rejuvenation of Tokyo
  • A new hypothesis for the cyclical movements of urban growth based on the analysis of Tokyo's recent rejuvenation and Japanese government's economic policies of the 1980's. - (SGA)
  • Intercity migration and employment growth in the Japanese urban economy
  • Urban Japan: its foundations and growth
  • The distribution and growth of urban settlements in Saudi Arabia
  • City and urban fringe : a case study of Bareilly.
  • The document analyses the growth and development of Bareilly city for the understanding and interpretation of some of its features with a view to applying the geographers' method of survey and analysis to planning for its orderly growth in future
  • Regions as growth poles: the Negev as a case study in New trends in urban planning. Studies in housing, urban design and planning.
  • Urban growth analysis in postwar Japan: fact findings on the distribution of urban population
  • The way of urbanization of China's rural settlement.
  • The evolution of village settlement towards an industrial/urban economy is rational and in harmony with Marxism while urban growth by immigration of rural population is not. The strategy of growth centres is lauded with caution and illustrated
  • Characteristics of urbanization in China. Changes and causes of urban population growth and distribution
  • Regional urban systems in Japan
  • system in each prefecture mostly reflects features of its starting point, although regional differences between core and periphery areas have appeared in the process of urban growth.
  • Regional urban systems in Japan have a close relationship with prefectural territories. The population of prefectural capitals has gradually been controlled by the population scale of the prefecture. Analyzing the migration flows among 649 cities
  • in 1980, a city usually has a close connection to other cities within its own prefecture and forms a regional urban system with the hierarchical structure in which a prefectural capital is set up at the top. The hierarchical structure of the regional urban
  • Implications of subdivision activity for the urban growth of Madina
  • New town development as a mean to urban growth: the Singapore case
  • Place of small towns in the urban system of Gujarat, India in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • ST. Vertical growth of urban space
  • Some problems of urbanization in China.
  • and the level of economic development. Assuming an annual rate of increase fof 3.67 %, urban population is predicted to be 33.7 % of national total by 2000 A.D. The present concentration of growth efforts in the urbanised East is seen to be justified. (TNC).
  • The characteristics and history of urbanization in China in the past 30 years are outlined and their distinguishing features pointed out. Explanations are offered for the irregular progress urbanization by reference to employment structure
  • Economic growth and urbanization: a study of Japan in Urbanization and development.
  • Urban systems and the development of towns and cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Region.
  • The structure of urban systems in this region is characterised by (1) two closely located primary nodes functioning respectively as the national administrative centre and the prime economic centre of North China, (2) two levels in urban function
  • -national and provincial, (3) unbalanced growth in the hierarchy levels with the metropolises outstripping the medium and small cities. The differences in the functions and directions of development are pointed out for the three big cities and attention
  • Urban policy and retailing trends in Singapore
  • decline in the Central Area and promoted the growth of suburban retail centres.
  • The growth and management of the Japanese urban system.