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  • The use of lichen growth rings in lichenometry : some preliminary findings
  • Dating ; Experimentation ; Growth rate ; Iceland ; Lichenometry ; Quaternary ; Radial growth ; United Kingdom ; Wales
  • This study presents some preliminary observations on the marginal growth rings observed in a population of Ochrolechia parella (L.) growing at a maritime site in north Wales, and also a small experiment using lichens with marginal growth rings
  • to predict the age of a dated surface in southeast Iceland. Results and discussion about a possible alternative method of studying the growth rate of lichens.
  • Growth of crustose lichens : a review
  • Biogenic process ; Biogeography ; Dating ; Extreme environment ; Lichen ; Lichenometry ; Plant colonization ; Radial growth ; Weathering
  • This review considers various aspects of the growth of crustose lichens revealed by direct measurement including : 1) early growth and development; 2) radial growth rates (RGR); 3) the growth rate-size curve; and 4) the influence of environmental
  • Use of bomb-C 14 to investigate the growth and carbon turnover rates of a crustose lichen
  • C 14 dating ; Carbon cycle ; Comparative study ; Dating ; Growth rate ; Lichen ; Lichenometry ; Methodology ; Quaternary ; Scotland ; United Kingdom
  • The AA. investigated the use of bomb-C 14 analysis to determine the growth rate of a different crustose species (Pertusaria pseudocorallina) common to Northern Europe, recovered near Lochearnhead, central Scotland. C 14-based growth rates were
  • considerably higher than growth rates of morphologically similar species based on direct measurements made at locations nearby and elsewhere in the UK. This result suggests that a degree of carbon turnover probably occurs in Pertusaria pseudocorallina
  • , and that bomb-C 14 analysis alone cannot be used to determine lichen age or absolute growth rates in this lichen species.
  • Lichenometry was used to study fluctuations of 6 glaciers in the Polar Urals over the last millennium. In order to estimate the growth rate of Rhizocarpon lichens, the AA. used recently deglaciated surfaces as calibration sites. These sites